Notice to CTSA Members.


On Thursday 4th September, the CTSA held its AGM.  The Minutes will be issued in due course but, in the meantime, we would like to re-iterate some points which were made at the meeting.

We, (the CTSA Board) are here to represent you, the supporters, and voice the concerns of any of our members. We always want to hear your views on anything to do with CTFC, as well as what we are doing.  We also want to hear your feedback, whether it’s something we are doing well, or not so well, as the case may be!

With this in mind, if you have a particular question you would like us to raise with the Club, please let us know so that we can discuss these directly, on your behalf.  We will post questions (keep them clean and sensible, please!) and the responses from the Club on the CTSA website, in due course.  Please get your questions to us by Saturday 13th September.  We will then arrange a meeting with the CTFC Board.

In light of the apparent un-rest, after the game against Rochdale, there have been comments and statements made from supporters who are not happy about certain issues at the moment.  This is your chance to ask your question and we hope to get as many answered as possible.  It would be good to have some positive comments as well.

You can email them to

Please take this opportunity to ask your questions and we will do our best to get some answers.


Carol Bates – Chair.