CTSA Board Statement – Supporter Exclusions.


The Board of the CTSA held an Extraordinary Board Meeting, this evening, to discuss the Club’s announcement that three supporters, including the Vice-Chair of the CTSA, had been issued with exclusion notices banning them from entering the Checkatrade.com stadium and attending matches with immediate effect.

The CTSA Board is concerned that no specific examples were given to support the allegation of a disruptive campaign to undermine the Board and damage the Club.  The CTSA Board were also concerned that the individuals involved were not given any right of reply as part of the decision making process, that led to the exclusion notices being issued.

The CTSA has always sought to work with and support the Club, in line with our published Aims and Objectives.  We are therefore both surprised and disappointed that this situation has arisen.

The Board of the CTSA has written to the Club asking it to clarify the reasoning behind the decision to issue exclusion notices and have asked for a response by Tuesday 18th August.

We would like to re-iterate that the CTSA is fully behind Mark Yates and his team and will be giving them our full support.