Travel Update – February 2015.

Travel Update.

At the last CTSA Board Meeting, the Board unanimously agreed that, unfortunately, due to the increased losses that have been made so far this season, it was necessary to slightly increase our coach ticket prices from 14th February onwards.  This decision was not taken lightly, as we want to keep our prices as low as we can for our supporters.  Our primary aim with away travel is to get as many people to the game as possible, but we have to balance this approach with financial viability.  We have looked at other Clubs’ travel prices and ours still continue to compare very favourably, even despite the slight increase.

Any supporters, who have paid for their seats already for future away games, will be honoured at the price they have paid.  Any further bookings from the 14th February will be charged at the new prices.

We apologise for having to take this decision but due to the low numbers travelling, combined with the fact that we are making significant losses, we had no alternative but to take this action.  The service is run by volunteers on a not-for-profit basis and any losses incurred would reduce the amount of money we are able to donate to our chosen charities.  Hopefully, by increasing prices very slightly, we will be able to reduce the current losses we are experiencing.

It goes without saying that we appreciate every supporter who travels with us and it is, unfortunately, the regular travellers who follow the team week in week out who will be affected the most.  We are sure you will understand the action we have had to take and we look forward to seeing you on future trips.  If you would like to discuss this further you can call 07843 124845.

Prices for future games will be as follows:

Swindon – Sat. 21.02.15 – £18.00 adults, £13 children (We only have 14 booked as at 08.02.15 so it’s likely it will be a Clarke’s 25 seater mini bus).

Bradford – Tues. 03.03.15 – £35.00 for all travellers – Due to it being a Tuesday night and a long journey, we hope to take a Clarkes’ 25 seater mini-bus, providing we have enough supporters wanting to travel. It is thought this journey is too long for one person to drive a hired mini-bus.

Colchester – Sat. 14.03.15 – £17.50 adults, £12.50 children.

Port Vale – Tues. 17.03.15 – Cost tba nearer the time.  Last year only 29 people (in total) attended the game on a Tuesday, so depending on numbers we will probably hire a mini-bus. Details tbc.

Crewe – Fri. 03.04.15 – £25.00 adults, £20 children.  We need a minimum of approx. 35 to take a coach.

Scunthorpe – Sat. 11.04.15 – £25 adults, £20 children.  We need a minimum of approx. 35 as per Crewe.

Walsall – Tues. 14.04.15 – Cost tba nearer the time but will most likely be a hired mini-bus.

Peterborough – Sat. 25.04.15 – £17.50 adults, £12.50 children.  We hope to be able to do an offer for CTSA travellers who have made 20 games or over.  Watch this space!