Another Collection of Minutes…..

Please find attached some Minutes for your perusal….. If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us.   CTSA Board Meeting MInutes – 3rd October 2016 CTSA Board Meeting MInutes – 7th November 2016 CTSA Board Meeting MInutes – 5th December 2016 CTSA Board Meeting MInutes – 9th January 2017 February’s Meeting was cancelled due to 4 attendees being unable to get to the Meeting, after getting delayed at work. CTSA Board Meeting MInutes – 6th […]

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A Collection of CTSA Board Meeting Minutes…..

Apologies, as it appears there are missing Minutes from January 2016 onwards. Here they are for your perusal (if you actually have that much spare time!). ctsa-board-meeting-minutes-4th-january-2016 ctsa-board-meeting-minutes-2nd-february-2016 ctsa-board-meeting-minutes-7th-mar-2016 ctsa-board-meeting-minutes-4th-april-2016 ctsa-board-meeting-minutes-9th-may ctsa-board-meeting-minutes-6th-june-2016 ctsa-board-meeting-minutes-5th-july-2016 ctsa-board-meeting-minutes-5th-september-2016

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CTSA Board Meeting Minutes

Please find attached the Board Meeting Minutes for the last quarter of 2015: CTSA Board Meeting Minutes – 21st September 2015 CTSA Board Meeting Minutes – 26th October 2015 CTSA Board Meeting Minutes – 23rd November 2015 Apologies for the delay. If you have anything you would like to discuss with us, please get in touch.

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