CTSA Away Day Adventures

Barnsley away

Claire McGuire and Alison McMullan

 Saturday’s 1-0 away win at Oakwell against Barnsley gave us the chance to speak to CTSA travel ‘newbies’ Claire and Alison about their thoughts on the day.

How long have you supported Crawley for?

Claire: This will be my third season as a Town supporter but the first season where I will be able to go to many more games.

Alison: I first took an interest in my home town team when we played Man United. I watched the game on TV but began to come to games after that.


We believe it’s your first away game today. What made you come to Barnsley?

Claire: It’s my first ‘long distance’ away game as I have previously been to Brentford and chose to come as it was the long awaited first game of the season.

Alison; I’ve previously been to Brentford twice, as it is my Dad’s home town team but this is my first long distance away game, like Claire. We went to all the pre season games bar two and as it was the first game of the season, it had to be done!


What did you think of your first CTSA coach journey?

Claire: I was very lucky to win the football card which was a bonus to a very comfortable journey with fantastic company. I was also treated to a tea and coffee, and a cake!

Alison: Everyone was really friendly and welcoming. I was worried about being ‘newbies’ but there was no need. Good fun and camaraderie before, during, and after the match, and I got to see Pudsey at the services!


What were your expectations of the day?

Claire: to have a jolly good laugh and I was certainly given that!

 Alison: Subjecting Claire to my company for so long – hopefully unfounded. And some laughs, and singing too!


What did you think of the game?

Claire: the game was fantastic, especially ‘The Beast’ and for our first game, truly amazing.

Alison: impressive. Any concerns I may have had after so many players leaving became unfounded. The game also showed the players are forming a positive team, and we fought for everything. It was exciting with a great atmosphere, and we won!! If we’d scored two minutes earlier, Claire would have won the away goals game as well.


Who do you think performed well?

Claire: for me, Jensen performed extremely well, and all the players certainly showed their strengths.

Alison: the whole team, particularly Jensen, Leacock and Gwion!


As you won on both football cards and we won the game, we think you should make it a regular occurrence for future away games!

Claire: I promise to try my best to come as I thoroughly enjoyed my day. Thank you to the CTSA for that!

Alison: No pressure – If I can, and other commitments allow it, I would love to join the CTSA on more away games.