CTSA Board Statement – 6th September, 2015.

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In response to the Statement made on 3rd September, by Dave Pottinger, Chairman of Crawley Town FC, the Board of the CTSA would like to advise as follows:

The CTSA is pleased that after repeated requests to the Board of Crawley Town FC regarding the funding and ownership of the Club, since March 2015, it has now been confirmed that our Far East benefactors have passed the Owners’ and Directors’ Test (formerly known as the Fit and Proper Person Test).

The CTSA’s primary concern has always been that the Club complied with Football League regulations in respect of ownership and funding and the Club’s Statement has now confirmed this is the case with the Far East benefactors taking the “fit & proper persons test” (sic). The CTSA has never disputed the absolute right to privacy for any Club benefactors, but this privacy can never be at the expense of due process and League regulation.

At this point, it is important to remember that there are still three Supporter Exclusions which remain in force, until further notice.   One of those supporters is our Vice-Chair, Mat Cowdrey, who has still not been supplied with any details of the reasons for his Exclusion Order or any right of reply. We believe the Exclusion Order was put in place due to the questions asked and clarification required from the Club on the ownership and funding situation, as detailed in our previous Statements, on behalf of the Board of the CTSA and its members.  We would now call on the Club to withdraw the Exclusion Orders, without delay, after this recent, positive step forward.

For and on behalf of Crawley Town Supporters Society Limited.