CTSA Travel Statement – October 2015.

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The Board of the CTSA wishes to advise the following in relation to the travel situation, at present:

We have been asked recently by a few supporters why the CTSA cannot subsidise coaches for away games using the small cash reserves that we currently hold. Before we explain the financial constraints that we currently operate under it is worth re-stating that the CTSA has two constitutional aims that are relevant to this situation:

  • To assist the club in promoting support for CTFC and to encourage new support, especially of young people, families and those from under-represented areas of our diverse local population. This to include the management of away travel provision.
  • To assist our club and community in any way approved by our membership, including financially, in kind, and in partnerships with community organisations and business to promote our mutual interests.

The CTSA has always aimed to operate on a break even basis and only give money away, where we make a surplus. This gift would be for charitable donations to community organisations rather than to subsidise the travel provision, in line with our Constitution.

In June 2015, we put our budgeted travel requirements for the season out to tender to three coach companies. Clarkes Coaches not only came out as the cheapest but with our experience of their good quality service, it was an easy decision to use them as our coach operator for Season 2015/2016.

Unfortunately, with the dwindling home attendances, our away following has also diminished.  This has made it increasingly difficult to viably provide coaches to some games. The last few games, especially, we have only had enough people for a mini bus. This takes a lot of time to organise and we are extremely appreciative of the volunteers who have driven for us.

As an example; for Hartlepool on Saturday 24th October, the cost of the coach would have been £1250.00 plus £50 insurance, totalling £1300.00.  We took 16 people, which would have given us a loss of nearly £800.  It wasn’t viable to take a coach so we had to source a mini bus.  We were only able to offer this option due to the generosity of members volunteering to drive it.

We now hope, after the good result at Hartlepool, that we will have enough supporters who want to go to Exeter on the 14th November so we can take a coach. Please book up early.

In the meantime, we have reviewed the situation again for Carlisle and have come to the conclusion that it is not viable to take any transport on the 28th November.  The cost of the Clarkes’ coach, including insurance, would be £1404.00 and with numbers travelling not even reaching 20 at the moment this is not a viable option.  We don’t feel that it is right to ask a volunteer to drive such a long distance if we were to hire a mini bus.  There are train tickets for just under £50 at the moment, which are a lot less than we would be forced to charge.

We trust you understand the situation we find ourselves in at the moment and we sincerely hope that with some away games coming up that are a bit closer to home  our numbers will increase and we can get back to running our regular coaches again.

If you have any queries regarding the above, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Carol Bates