Travel – 2015/2016

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We are pleased to announce that for the coming season, we will continue to use Clarkes of London and details for the forthcoming games in August will be on the website and Forum, shortly.

We will continue to offer you the best prices and value for money on our away trips, starting with our first visit to the Kassam Stadium on the 8th August against Oxford United.

We’ve made some slight changes in the way we are going to run the travel this season, from last season.  Firstly, we will be issuing travel details on a month by month basis, instead of for the whole season. This will save us having to amend prices later in the season due to travelling numbers. Secondly, we will be issuing a coach number on each travel ticket.  Regular travellers who book early will be booked on Coach One until it’s full then we will book people on Coach Two.

We will endeavour to take a minimum of one coach to a Saturday game provided it’s financially viable.  Due to the lack of people wanting to travel to Tuesday night games in the North of England last season, we will assess the numbers wanting to travel, a week before, and make a decision regarding taking a mini bus.  The cost per person will be a slight increase on the normal coach and will ensure we don’t make a heavy loss, if we are to take one.

The only way to guarantee your seat on the coach is to pay in advance.  The best way to do this is to visit the CTSA Cabin on a home match day. Alternatively, visit or phone the club during office hours and book there using cash or a credit/debit card.

If you make a last minute decision that you wish to travel, or you cannot get to the Club/Cabin due to holidays etc, email or text 07843124845 and our travel team will, of course, do their best to help – but if you book and then do not turn up we will expect you to pay for the seat you should have occupied. Early booking also enables us to arrange extra coaches, if necessary.

Tickets must be paid for by 4pm on the Thursday before we travel, to be guaranteed a place on the coach and your booking will be confirmed to you.   If you can’t pay for your ticket by then and there are still spaces available, we will confirm that we have reserved a place for you.  This will be assigned to your ticket number and if you fail to travel we will expect you to pay for your seat (except in special circumstances), if we can’t re-sell it.  If it’s the case that you fail to turn up on two occasions, when you’ve reserved a seat, we will expect you to pay in advance for further tickets.

One-way trips will only be available after Friday pm when we will text/email you confirmation.

Tickets will be issued on a first come, first served basis, if it looks like we will only be taking one coach.  We will keep a Reserve List and if we have the minimum number needed to book a second coach by the Wednesday before Saturday’s game we will add another coach.  If not, unfortunately due to the potential loss that we would make, we will not run one and alternative travel will need to be found.  We will keep you updated via the website, Twitter and Facebook.  We will also send a travel update via email.  If the coach/es are full, the website will state that we are fully booked.

We will continue to offer free tea/coffee/chocolate on each journey and we will also have a free raffle!

Sarah Moylan will be in charge of Travel this season ably assisted by Tracey Cole and James Palmer, who will take bookings and help steward the coaches.  If you have any queries, you can contact Sarah, Tracey or James Palmer at or text/phone 07843124845.  Please only call/text between 9am – 8pm.

We look forward to you travelling with the CTSA this season and please call or email if you have any questions.  See you on the 8th August, if not before!