Here is a decent quality JPG version of the CTSA logo.

Best to use a Vector or Post Vector version for proper high quality print/merchandise items.

This is Post Vector CTSA Artwork in PNG format generated from the Vector file (solid colour)

This is the Post Vector CTSA Artwork in PDF Format.

Red on website Hex:#d40000

CMYK: cyan: 0 (0), magenta: 100 (1), yellow: 100 (1), key: 17 (0.1686)

CMY: cyan: 17 (0.1686), magenta: 100 (1), yellow: 100 (1)

Notes: Printers & graphic designers are miserable sods and are bound to moan about the quality – they always do – tell them to piss off and actually earn their money for a change.

Due to a limitation in wordpress functionality a the CTSA Logo Artwork cannot be supplied from the site in Vector SVG format, but it is available from Carol Bates or Dan Charman.ctsa-post-vector