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Balls for Schools- and the end of season awards!

Well the season is drawing to a close, and we’ve only two more things to tell you about!

Firstly, at around 2.30 on Saturday, before our final home game of the season, you’ll see a load of balls! These will be being presented to 23 of our local primary schools as part of our CTSA Balls for Schools Programme. This is where your 50/50 ticket money goes- well, minus that we give back to you in crisp tenners if you buy a winning ticket. We’d like to thank all of you who’ve bought tickets this season, and all of our volunteer sellers for their phenonemal efforts.

Then after the game, we’ll all be retiring to Redz Bar for the CTSA end of season awards. All of the players will be present so you’ll get to say an end of season hello and tell Sergio that you love him. Well, you do, it’s impossible not to, so we might as well just admit it!

Thanks for all of your support this season. We’ll be back with details of our AGM shortly, and look forward to seeing you there. Carol the Chair has agreed to give her end of season address using solely the arts of song and mime, so it will be an occasion not to miss! (Note- we may have made up part of that last sentence).