At least the fish and chips were good…….

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27th August 2011

First and foremost, credit must be given to the standout performance of the day. A round of applause to the staff at Simpsons award winning fish and chip restaurant in Cheltenham, who served 48 portions of wonderful fish and chips (and one mackerel bap, but there’s no accounting for taste!), in about 15 minutes.

Matt Tubbs wasn’t bad either.

As for the game, I’m trying very hard to block it from my memory. If I pretend it didn’t happen, it’ll all be a dream, yes? It worked for Bobby Ewing in Dallas, so it should work for me.

Our first half performance was probably the most abject 45 minutes I’ve ever witnessed as a Crawley fan. Yes, Charlie Wassmer was fouled in the run up to the third goal, but in reality if we’d gone in four down we’d have struggled to complain. The gaffer looked furious, and I’m not surprised. I’m sure I could hear the half time team talk from behind the goal. All around me were stunned, disbelieving faces. Our team do not play like that. Well they never have before, anyway. Oh, and Wes Thomas- why? I’m sure you’ll be a great asset to our team, but that was a really, really daft thing to do.

Second half saw a much better performance. Tubbs, Wilson and Doughty came on, and immediately we began to get at the Cheltenham defence. Tubbs hammered a penalty into the corner, Simpson pulled a shot just wide of the far post, and then Tubbs hit the post. If either of the last two chances had gone in, we’d have had an entirely different game. But they stayed out, and despite lots of endeavour, we never really looked like getting back into it.

So, the positives. The coach trip has been marvellous- nice people, good company, good DVDs and decent chocolate. Thanks to Travel Ken for his efforts, as always. Cheltenham was pleasant- the town and the club- very impressed with the staff there. The fish and chips were great- though I think I mentioned that already! Our team turned up for the second half. Matt Tubbs and Tyrone Barnett look a quite formidable partnership.

Negatives? You’ve seen the score. Least said, soonest mended. Roll on Tuesday night, a nice trip to Southend in the JPT, a few seats left on the Alliance coach- don’t waste time, book now- and perhaps, given it’s the seaside, some more good fish and chips. So much for my diet.


Ian Townsend

Ian Townsend