Club Liaison Meeting- Friday 4th November 2011

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5th November 2011

Yesterday we held our monthly liaison meeting with the club. Alan Williams answered a selection of your questions, and the main points are below:

Q1: Could we have a refreshment kiosk in the South East corner- and will the toilets in the same area now be open for every match?

A1:  If all goes to plan, the new stand with its integrated refreshment facilities will be in situ after around half a dozen home games. Purchasing or hiring a temporary unit for this area given these timescales would impact upon the Club’s revenue streams and not be cost effective. The toilet facilities in this area, however, will now be open for every game.

Q2: Can we have a ticket exchange scheme for West Stand season ticket holders who cannot attend a particular home game? This would avoid the West Stand being “sold out” with empty seats still available.

A2. The club are looking at this suggestion. However there are, in reality, very few season ticket holders missing from the West Stand at any league game, and it is unlikely that the resources required to administer such a scheme could be provided cost effectively. However if the Supporters Alliance would like to look at providing this resource then the club would be happy to consider supporting it.

Where you may see some empty seats, these generally belong to sponsors who have chosen not to use them. The club have a contractual obligation to provide a set number of seats to League sponsors and are unable to resell these.

Q3. Within the new stand, will there be provision of a tv gantry?

A3. Provision of tv positions around the ground is a matter currently under discussion. Decisions should be made in the near future.

Q4. Recently the end of game music was changed for something more mellow! Is that likely to continue?

A4. No! The change was a one off and was a special favourite of the Gaffer. The Black Eyed Peas will be returning to a home victory near you soon!

Q5. Could the drawings of the new stand be displayed in Redz before the next home game, so that those who aren’t particularly ” Internet friendly” can see them?

A5. Yes. But if you are well versed in the workings of the electronic world, you can find more details here:,,11025~2496115,00.html

And we’d be grateful if you’d sign the petition here:

Q6. Will there be any more XXXL shirts ordered for the club shop, for the benefit of those of us with a fuller figure?!

A6. Shirts can only be ordered in batches of 300. These batches cover all size ranges but we obviously can’t order 300 just to get a selection of one particular size! We will soon be releasing the blue shirts for sale, and there are some XXXL within these, so customers wanting this size should let us know and we can reserve them.

Q7. Before the season started the club suggested that they were looking at introducing a discount card for Supporters Alliance members to use in Redz Bar, the club shop etc. Was any progress made with that?

A7. The technology is expensive, and would only be cost effective if the Alliance had 1000 members rather than a third of that number. So it can be done, but membership would have to grow substantially. However, of course, Alliance members can save 10% in the club shop already on production of their membership card.

Our next scheduled meeting will be Friday 2nd December. If you have any questions or suggestions which you would like put to the club, please contact Ian on, speak to any Alliance Board member, or write to us at the address given on the membership page.

Thanks for all of your continued support.


Ian Townsend

Ian Townsend