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28th August 2011

Please find below the minutes from our Interim Board meeting on 11th August. Over the next few weeks you will find all of the minutes from all of our meetings dating back to the beginning of July displayed here (once I’ve managed to convert them all to plain text!). It is important to us that you, our members, have a view of how we are managing your organisation, so that you can comment, suggest improvements or simply understand our decision making processes. I hope you find them interesting reading! I’m sure that some people will be quite surprised by a few nuggets of information.


Minutes of Crawley Town Supporters Alliance Interim Board Meeting, 11th August 2011


Ian Townsend, Barb Robinson, Chris Cheshire, Ken Blackmore, Mark Ogbourne, Simon Hall, Colin Lowes, John Hooper

Apologies: Simon Smith

1. Minutes of last meeting agreed.

2. Constitutional matters. Formal Roadmap of how the Alliance got to its current position now on website, along with EGM details. These also posted on CTFC Official site, CTFC.Net and the Alliance Facebook site. Awaiting new model rules from Supporters Direct but these expected shortly for study/amendment. New Bank account being arranged by Simon S. Action: Mark/Simon S

3. Travel Issues. Four coaches taken to Port Vale, and great reviews. Particular vote of thanks to “Travel Ken” and a special mention to “Karaoke Colin”! Pricing- it was agreed that we would price as follows for members/non members: Torquay, £20/25, Palace, £10/10, Cheltenham £15/20, Morecambe tbc. We would also examine the possibility of introducing concession fares and family tickets as it would support our aims of bringing more families to CTFC. Additionally, Ken would provide travel info sheets for website upload (Simon H/Ian), and Ian would examine costings for coaches as it is imperative that we get best value for our members and maximise the money available to fund community projects. Selling of coach tickets- marketing through website, Forum, Facebook and Twitter, at Alliance cabin before and after home matches. Additionally, Mark to progress signage issues for cabin. Action: Ken/Simon H/ Ian/Mark.

4.  Membership. Membership going well, over 200 at this point, but expected to increase once club got new kit to sell. Mark/Colin to provide assistance to Barb/Chris before next home game to ensure we could keep up with demand. Action: Barb/Chris/Mark/Colin.

5Community Initiatives. Colin and John to meet with Dave Francis- the club’s Community Liaison Officer- on Wednesday next week to plan community interventions using our “Winfield’s Winners” Banner. Both to report to next meeting. Chris to look at canvassing local schools about their needs/hopes once new school year starts. Initially, focus on Broadfield and Bewbush, with view to pushing forward across wider Crawley area after initial pilot. Action: Colin, John, Chris.

6. EGM– confirmed for 5th October, details to website, Facebook, Forum by tomorrow and also to be advertised in Newsletter which Simon H/Ian producing. Website will contain details of the commitments required from candidates. Closing date for nominations is 6th September 2011, to allow for the required notice period to be provided to all members. Alan Williams has agreed to lead the proceedings, Silpa Winfield is also to be invited. It was noted that we will also need a secretary which, under the constitution, is a non-board position. Ian to advertise. Action: Ian

7.  Fundraising. We now have the Lottery Licence required to sell Golden Gamble, and Simon H is looking into the printing using the clubs approved printers. It is hoped that we can begin selling by the Bristol Rovers game. Action: Simon H

8. Banners. Ian to speak to Ross about the manufacture of Alliance banners and the likely cost.

9. Communications. Newsletters to be ready to distribute next Tuesday night v Southend United. Action: Simon H/Ian


a) A “Legends” match was proposed for the end of the season. Mark, John and Colin to look into this. Action: Mark/Colin/John.

b) Board meetings now to be held fortnightly. Next meeting 25th August at 1900 hrs, Wingspan Club.




Ian Townsend

Ian Townsend

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  1. mick o'donnell

    In light of RB’s recent remarks, are we still meeting regularly with the club and/or him?
    If yes, could we be updated? Any more minutes?