FA Cup First Round v Bury, Liaison Meeting and Real Mad Red!

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31st October 2011

The travel details for our first ever trip to the home town of those wonderfully good humoured cheeky chappies the Neville brothers and their brilliantly named father -Neville Neville- have just been announced by Travel Ken. On Saturday 12th November (unless the match is moved for TV), CTSA coaches will be leaving the Broadfield at 8 AM for the trip to Lancashire. Priced at £15 for adults (£20 for non members) and £10 for under 16’s, book your tickets now by contacting Travel Ken.

Details at: https://www.ctfcsa.co.uk/travel/

Also, Ian and Paul will be meeting with Alan Williams, CTFC Chief Executive, on Friday afternoon (4th November) for our regular Liaison meeting. This is an opportunity for supporters to put their questions and suggestions to the club. If you have any issues which you’d like us to raise, then please email chairman@ctfcsa.co.uk as early as you possibly can, as we need to compile a list! Don’t leave it until the last minute!

Finally, we have been press-ganged into announcing the impending launch of the second edition of the irreverant and utterly independent CTFC fanzine, Real Mad Red! We take no responsibility for the contents of said fanzine, apart from perhaps the inclusion of Travel Ken’s world famous (in Crawley) Football Quiz, and an article called “Memoirs of an FA Cup Jonah” which will appear in full on this website after publication (in full because the associate editor of said Fanzine has gone mad with his blue pencil and should be stopped before he causes real damage!).



Ian Townsend

Ian Townsend

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  1. Allan Porthouse

    Is there any provison for TV cameras in/over the proposed new stand ?