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14th January 2012

What a contrast. Last Saturday against Bristol City in the FA Cup we were majestic. League 2 v Championship, and an uneducated observer would have thought we were the higher level team. If we’d won 3-0 it wouldn’t have been an injustice.

Today, at Rovers, we put out the same team. But we couldn’t get going. We worked hard, we huffed and puffed, but apart from a Tubbs shot saved and cleared away just after the second half kicked off we didn’t really look like scoring. We could also have given away a penalty in the first half- a push from Pablo, a forward on the floor, goal kick given. We were a little lucky. Rovers, for all their lowly league position and dreadful performance at the Broadfield, closed us down quickly and didn’t let us play. We couldn’t deal with it. Well we can’t win them all, the pitch was a ploughed field and that perhaps dictated the play somewhat, and we’re still in the top three. So we’ve plenty to be happy about.

We had a good journey up to Bristol. Clarkes coaches turned up bright and early, Travel Ken told us that his cousin was 50s pop star Marty Wilde, put on an outlandish pair of sunglasses and did a rendition of Blue Suede Shoes (obviously couldn’t remember any of Marty’s hits. Me neither). Pictured alongside Simon Cowell in the programme last weekend, he obviously thinks he’s been touched with x factor magic. I can state categorically that he is unlikely to be duetting with Little Mix anytime soon, and we should all be glad! Ange, Barb and Simon served refreshments. Ange was told by one rather boisterous customer that on the “other coach” the refreshments were being served by people dressed as French Maids. Well Simon offered to dress up accordingly, but was turned down. I’ve no idea why! I was left with a mental image of some of our friends from the other coach dressed as French Maids and I haven’t been able to shake it off.  It’s no wonder I have a headache! 

Anyway, return journey going well and already looking forward to Plymouth next weekend. I shall spend the week researching tractor jokes.

It’s been a busy week. We began with the FA Cup draw, and I must admit to a fleeting moment of disappointment, which was soon replaced by a positivity that it’s a game we can win and a need to start planning travel arrangements. Off to a meeting with Clarkes, who couldn’t have been more helpful, and we had a minimum of five coaches booked for Hull. Bruce T at the club put out our coach prices before we’d actually agreed them (he’s always quick off the mark, sometimes too quick!) and we decided to go with them to stop any confusion before realising that we could probably do better. So a few discussions, a bit of number crunching and a set of reduced prices announced- and given that after two days of ticket sales we’re onto coach number seven this was obviously the right decision, despite criticism from certain quarters. I find the criticism rather bizarre- the club needs our support, and if we can take a large following to Hull and get behind the team we may well get the result we would like. Then perhaps then we can go back to Old Trafford. Or try Anfield for a change! 

We’ll be back at the club on Monday selling coach tickets alongside Kim and Emma, and this will be continued throughout the week- or you could call or email Travel Ken- details on the travel page. He’ll also be selling tickets to Plymouth of course- we need a few more league points before we head off to Hull, so come along to that one too.

Thanks again for all your support. Oh, and look out for an announcement tomorrow!

Take care



Ian Townsend

Ian Townsend