An Indian Ocean beach party (shame we had to hold it in rainy old Crawley)!

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17th June 2012

Didier with the Music Omaz Crew

After the Atlantic and Billy, the Indian is undoubtedly our favourite Ocean! And on Saturday night the people of Crawley were treated to the sounds of that most beautiful of Indian Ocean Islands, Mauritius. A large crowd turned up to party the night away at Redz bar, and some of us realised that we’re not as young as we used to be and couldn’t keep up (but enough about Jason and Owen)!

Reggie in a rather sedate didn't last.....!

Music was provided throughout by the Eric and Adrian Disco (07768900208/07428950386), interspersed with live appearances from Babale and Didier (07914445210) accompanied by the Music Omaz Crew. The floor was filled with rather energetic dancing, the wine (and beer) flowed, large amounts of alcohol were consumed, children played football and beat each other senseless with CTSA balloons, and a very good time was had by all. As well as the photographs found here, many more can be found at our Facebook site- link below- and if you took any you’d like us to add, please feel free to email them to and we shall endeavour to post them as soon as possible.

"OK, who's ready to paaaartyyyy?"

The Crawley Town Supporters Alliance would like to thank all those who attended for their support and for being very friendly and rather wonderful! All money raised will go towards our community initiatives over the next season, and as all of the artists gave their time for free we should have a few hundred pounds to put towards enriching the lives of children in our community and introducing them to the delights of Crawley Town. And we’d particularly like to thank Andrew “Wiggy” Dunn for getting right into the spirit of the evening- although we can’t tell you why, we’d have to kill you!

Perhaps we’ll do this again very soon. And just perhaps we might pick an evening where the weather fits with the mood……..

Reggie decides he's spent enough time being a children's entertainer.....


...and becomes a party animal...!


Ian Townsend

Ian Townsend

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  1. Barb Robinson

    Great night – thoroughly enjoyed it, and what’s more managed to stay the course for over 7 hrs – must have been the Latin beat and memories of sun filled holidays!!
    We should do this again and if we do, make sure you’re there – you’ll have a ball.