CTSA Minutes, December 2012

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17th December 2012

Please find attached the minutes from our meeting last week. They are now all up to date. Phew! Our meeting dates for the rest of the season and beyond are also included here- so please, if you’d like to have any issues discussed, get them to Secretary Gill at secretary@ctfcsa.co.uk a week before the advertised date to be added to the agenda.

Thanks, as always, for all of your continued support.

CTSA Board Meeting Minutes – December 2012


Ian Townsend

Ian Townsend


  1. Barb Robinson

    Surely one doesn’t post minutes until they have been approved at the next meeting?

  2. Ian Townsend

    The minutes have been approved by all those who attended the meeting. As we have the holiday season coming up and then I’ll be out of the country, better we get website maintenance done whilst I’m available!

  3. Barb Robinson

    As you will see from the matters arising part of these minutes, I am no longer a board member and will not therefore be dealing with any issues relating to membership from now on. I resigned from the board reluctantly, for personal reasons.
    I’ve thoroughly enjoyed meeting our fans when they’ve come to enquire about membership etc and hope that you will say hello to me when you see me around on matchdays.
    We’ve worked incredibly hard to get the CTSA off the ground and to the point it is at now, with more people travelling away and supporting the club and our community from the funds we raise. I hope Bruce’s vision of one united fan organisation continues to flourish.