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25th December 2012

There are a number of good reasons to be a member of the Crawley Town Supporters Alliance. Some of them- the cheapest official travel in the League (with perhaps the UK’s best-and most scrupulously safe- coach operator) the priority ticketing, club shop discounts, and the chance to contribute directly to schemes designed to benefit your football club and your community- we mention an awful lot. Sorry if you’re bored! But there’s another benefit to CTSA membership which often gets forgotten, and we’d like to highlight it here.

menu barIf you visit our website, www.ctfcsa.co.uk, you will find lots of news and information about all of our activities, but you’ll also find, on the menu bar at the top of the page, the heading “DISCOUNTS”. If you click on this menu, you will be entering a world of delights which will actually save you money, which we can then encourage you to spend instead on travelling to away games and on buying teddy bears and heated seat warmers from the club shop! In all seriousness though, there are a number of organisations which will allow you to save just by being a CTSA member. We can save you cash on food at Peshwari Spice, Papachinos Pizza, Furnace Green Fish Bar or Ruby Murray. Metrocars can take you to Jarmans for a stylish haircut. Then, after the Glenwood School of Motoring have finished teaching you to drive, AMK Garage can service your car, leaving you safe to drive to Hassocks Golf Club where you can while away a morning working off all the calories you put on earlier! Next, head off to Head 2 Toe Physio so they can ease the muscular aches caused by waving that six iron. I’m struggling to weave the Tile Depot and Keybuild into this narrative, but you can make significant savings with them too!

We don’t kid ourselves that people join the CTSA just to help us with our community work. We live in a world which is much poorer than it used to be, and everyone wants to save money where they can. We know that football is not a cheap hobby, and we want to help. So, if you’re not yet a member, join up now, and you’ll quickly have your membership card and access to all of the benefits mentioned here. And if you are already a member, make sure you get the most from your membership, and save yourself some money. Oh, and if you’ve a business and would like to get involved, please email comms@ctfcsa.co.uk and we’ll be overjoyed to hear from you.

Everyone likes a bargain. Don’t miss out on yours.



Ian Townsend

Ian Townsend