Dagenham- the photographic evidence!

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25th April 2012

Not a lot of point publishing a match report five days after the event, though Colin did write one. So we shall let the pics speak for themselves. Let us know what you think they’re saying, and we shall recommend you change your medication! Pics from Colin B, CTSA Press Officer.

Left to right- not sure, Barmy Barry, No Nonsense Neil...

James and Barmy Barry pointedly about to mow down a young person in flagrant breach of instructions...

Ian the coach three football sweepstake winner!

Travel Ken AKA the Dagenham Fonz....

The burgers must have been better than the pies!

The new CTFC boyband- the Unwanted!

A bevy of CTFC beauties and a very plain girl in the middle of the back row!

Phil Taylor (just out of shot) gets very annoyed when these chaps sit in front of the dartboard...

Who said the back of our heads is our best feature?

CTFC- fans of tomorrow, today (well, Saturday actually)


Ian Townsend

Ian Townsend


  1. GAVIN

    These pictures show just far we have come.

    Even early on at the Broadfield, the same faces turned up each week with hardly any deviation . The average age was probably about 57. Now though, new faces, young and old appear weekly. Families all proudly wearing their Crawley Town shirts, but not just at the Broadfield, they support the team all over the country to cheer on the mighty Reds.

    The days of Andover at home at Town Mead with 150 other wet washed souls watching 11 inept footballers, try to play on an amazon bog, seem a long way away to the league football team and fantastic stadium and support we have now.


  2. Ian Townsend

    Do you know what Gavin- you’re absolutely right. And it’s bloody marvellous- but there’s still work to do! We need to be filling up the new stand every home game…..and then once that’s done, building a bigger one…..no rest until we’re beating Barca!