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11th May 2012

Inspector Andy Kundert, the Emergency Planning Officer for Sussex Police, is conducting a survey on the policing of our favourite sport (anyone who said “Darts” at that point is either on the wrong site or Dan Palmer). He has asked the CTSA if we would be willing to canvas the views of our members on the subject, and, of course, we felt it was in our best interests to be involved.

So, I attach the survey below.

Football Policing Questionnaire

Please feel free to download it, fill it out and email it back to or, if it’s easier for you, to drop it in at the Football Club for the attention of Chair, CTSA- and we will make sure it gets to Andy. Your responses will be treated in the utmost confidence.Thanks for your help.


Ian Townsend

Ian Townsend


  1. Malcolm Porter

    The most important thing for the police to do is to be affable and caring. All to often these days, because of their training, they are too keen to glare at you in a very cold fashion, if not glare then look straight through you. They need to engage in a human way, and not be stand offish. This ‘them and us’ attitude causes suspicion of them rather than seeing them as servants of the public there to help.

    In these days of terrorist attacks, I can understand them being observant and curious, but not to treat everybody as a suspect.

    Let’s not make any mistakes here, I am 100% on the side of the police, they sometimes have a thankless job to do, but this will be made easier for them if they engage properly with us lesser mortals!

    The days of PC49 and “Ev’nin’ awl” are gone, sadly, and so called “modern policing” taken its place, but the compassion and friendly nature need not necessarily be removed from the equation?

  2. Malcolm Porter

    Ask your inspector if he remembers Sgt. Dennis Chopin of Crawley Police? There is an example of a copper who got things done in the community, he was fabulous, but did not suffer fools lightly, He was not popular with the police bosses though as he was very much an individual who policed in the old fashion way, on foot, highly visable!

  3. Ian Townsend

    I’m meeting him to discuss in a couple of weeks, I shall ask!