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23rd July 2012

A collection of CTSA members and their choppers!

Yesterday saw the CTSA Board and a collection of willing volunteers roll up their sleeves and, under the direction of Foreman Ken Titchmarsh, begin the mammoth task of clearing vegetation in preparation for the arrival of the new “One Stop Shop” (Travel Ken’s new cabin to the rest of us). To be situated virtually opposite Redz, the new cabin will be “CTSA Central” and provide a base for travel tickets, membership enquiries, 50/50 draw co-ordination and just about all other CTSA activities that don’t require drinks on tap and room to swing more than two cats!

And the winner of smallest gardener in Crawley goes to....a future CTFC left back!

The volunteers were met with a wilderness. After arranging for Tarzan to be returned to Conservative Party HQ, and donning protective gloves- or in Colin’s case, a protective clipboard- work commenced and much sweat was expended. It wasn’t a pretty site, and by the end an exclusion zone was probably required, but we now have a large vegetation free expanse which just needs a little more digging out and some crazy paving before the new cabin arrives.

And after many hours work......just be pleased this isn't a scratch and sniff website!

We’d just like to thank Dennis Hills, Ian Hands and son, Brian Courtnell, Dave Taylor and his daughter Kaitlyn, and Keith Robinson for turning out on the first sunny day we’ve had since the hosepipe ban started and proving that brute strength is an able substitute for gardening know-how! We are very, very grateful for your help.


Ian Townsend

Ian Townsend


  1. Simon Smith

    The lad in picture 2 should get a trophy for being the laziest gardener.

  2. kate nulty

    well done guys. X x

  3. Ian Townsend

    He managed to get a trophy and a collection of formerly lost footballs. There were occasions when I was worried that we’d also find Lord Lucan in there somewhere…….