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21st February 2012

Well, back to the important business. Next Monday- 27th February- we head to Shrewsbury, the home town of Charles Darwin hoping to continue our evolution towards League One (see what I did there? Sorry, couldn’t resist!). This match will be live on Sky Sports, but it’s crucial that in a game against a promotion rival we’re there in the flesh to shout on our team. We need the points, and on that basis, the lads need our encouragement- and if you watch it with a curry at the football club, in Redz Bar, or in your armchair, it doesn’t matter how loud you shout- they won’t be able to hear you! 

Coaches will leave the Broadfield Stadium at 1.30 PM, and prices for travel are £20 for members, £25 for non members. Please book early if you can, as we need to finalise coach numbers.

As always, there are a number of ways to book Alliance TravelYou can, of course, book directly at the football club during office hours. You can visit Travel Ken in the Alliance Cabin before and after our home games. You can also call or email Travel Ken on 07843124845, or via

But if you can’t come- and we realise that with an early departure and work/family commitments some of you won’t be able to make it- then the best place to show your support is undoubtedly at the football club. There are two options. Redz Bar will be open and showing the game, or you can treat yourself to the best curry in town in the Executive Area. Zari Restaurant will be bringing their wonderful food directly to you, and then after stuffing your face you can watch our mighty Reds stuff Shewsbury on the big screen! More details below:

CTFC Curry night v Shrewsbury

Along with our coach suppliers Clarkes of London, we’re committed to bringing you a service which is the height of comfort and reliability. If you’ve travelled with us previously you’ll already know that this includes very comfortable seats, lots of leg room, and free tea and coffee (and hot chocolate and, occasionally, vegetable soup!). We are also the only place that you can watch CTFC matchday DVD’s anywhere apart from in Steve Evans Office!

When you use the CTSA for your away travel needs, there are a few things you can be sure of:

1. An exceptional service.

2. The best prices we can possibly bring you.

3. That CTSA board members are dedicated only to doing the best for their football club and its supporters. We are all volunteers- even your coach stewards pay for their coach tickets.

4. Any profits made from any CTSA activity go directly to benefit your community and your club.

Thanks for your continued support.


Ian Townsend

Ian Townsend