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29th January 2012

Half an hour before departure, a hive of activity

One can only imagine the amount of hard work that went into creating the travel experience we shared yesterday but legend Travel Ken, James and all at Clarkes of London got it spot on!  Arriving at the Broadfield just prior to sun rise it was clear that something big was about to unfold- and boy what a day we had.

Thirteen gleaming Clarkes lined the car park ready for their excited passengers and without fuss started their long journey north at 8am. The first leg of the journey passed very quickly and soon many were tucking into breakfast at the Leicester Forrest (M1) services. Bruce Wells (17) of Eastbourne predicted a really tough match but was hoping for at least a draw at the KC stadium. Relative newcomer to away travel, Maurice Le Once and his son Ivanov (15) from Broadfield, explained “we went to Oxford and had a great time, and with the price of tickets and travel today it has made it possible for us to share the experience.” He added, “I think this team could go a long way in the competition.” Well Maurice, we hope you’re right!

CTFC take over Leicester services and Travel Ken forgets his diet!

Roger Batchelor (West stand season ticket holder) and wife Jackie were enjoying their trip north. Roger said “Its been fantastic supporting this club over the past 4 years, the club are doing very well both on the and off the field. The back room staff do a wonderful job.” He added, “the trip today is great value and I am really looking forward to the match.”

The circa 600 CTSA travellers were soon pulling up to the impressive KC Stadium and pouring out of their coaches. Most opted to go straight in and have some food and drink and watch the Liverpool v Man Utd game at the stadium bar. By 2.50pm virtually all the 1300 or so Reds fans had taken their place and were making quite a din. The match kicked off under blue skies with near spring like temperatures on a pitch that was in beautiful condition. Everything was in pace for something special to happen!

Our team played very well during the 1st half at a high tempo with lots of passing moves. It was very much appreciated by the away fans who were singing for all they were worth. During the break Sara Cooper said, “it’s a blinding match so far and I think we could sneak it!”

Dave and Kaitlyn get ready to celebrate

Reds fans didn’t have to wait long for the pivotal moment as Matty T sprang the off side trap and coolly slotted home a magical winner. It sent them into raptures creating a huge roar of celebration which went on to the final whistle. This was no smash and grab away win, we dominated! And many thanks to the Hull City fans who stayed behind to applaud our team, that was very sporting of you.

All too soon we were back on the coaches driving south stopping at Leicester again for a quick break. Ron Parker of Tilgate, a west stand season ticket holder and CTSA member summed up; “I was quietly confident of a victory today, the team showed a lot of quality and effort throughout and deserved to win, we dominated.”  He added, “wouldn’t it be lovely to draw Arsenal at the Emirates?” Well Ron, Stoke at home will do for now!

A magical moment

A brilliant and successful came to an end back at the Broadfield around 10.30 PM.  Crawley stalwart Ron Spraget (80), CTSA member and East Terrace devote said, “I have had a wonderful day out and would like to thank CTSA for really looking after us”! Well we’d like to thank Ron and all those who travelled with us yesterday for their fantastic support. Watch out Crouchy, big Claude is coming to get you!

George and the .....tiger?

Coach 11 arrives home happy!

The hungry hordes of coach six!

Words and pictures from Colin Bowman, CTSA Press


Ian Townsend

Ian Townsend