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22nd September 2012

Hi all,

Here we have a CTSA update covering- as you can see from the title- a cornucopia of activities. So eyes down and let’s get started!

Travel–  next weekend we’re off to Carlisle United, our longest ever trip. The coach will be rocking (once we’ve woken up) and you wouldn’t want to miss out, but it’s filling up fast so don’t delay your booking. Then the following weekend (6th October) we’re on the road again, but a much shorter trip- to Brentford. And next, because we liked it so much the first time, we’ll be going back to Brentford (9th October) in the Painting By Numbers Trophy! Members will pay £25 to go to Carlisle and everyone will pay £12.50 for Brentford. But if you go to both Brentford games you will pay £20 for the two. And yes, you could go by train to Brentford, if you really want to have to go to all the aggravation of travelling towards London in peak times and hoping that there isn’t a signal failure or the wrong type of leaves on the line, but at those prices, why would you want to?! More details here:

Friends– quite a few local companies have been very supportive of our work, and many of them will also give you, our members, a discount on production of your membership card. We’d like to thank Ruby Murray, Hassocks Golf Club, Tile Depot, Jarmans, Metrocars and the Glenwood School of Motoring- and introduce Keybuild- more information below. Please follow this link to see exactly what they all have to offer:

Cabin– as you will perhaps have noticed, the CTSA has a new cabin, opposite Redz Bar. A much bigger unit, we now have the room to house all of our matchday activities, from membership to travel to coordinating the half time draw. The cabin is provided by the Crawley Portakabin Hire Centre in Lowfield Heath, and was officially handed over to Ken and Barb by Portakabin representative Phil Spencer (unfortunately he didn’t bring Kirsty to the ceremony, and we were all very disappointed). However all of the groundwork was done by Keybuild, who did a quite magnificent job, and all for free. We’re very grateful to Sean Sharkey of Keybuild for all of his time and effort- he even donated the materials. Keybuild can construct extensions and install kitchens and bathrooms, as well as providing all the general building services you can think of, and if you take a look at the hardstanding area where our cabin now sits, and remember back to the uneven wilderness that once sat there, you can see what a phenomenal job Sean and his team did for us. If you’d like to get some advice or a quote, please call 01737 212473 or 07786 937800- and perhaps mention our name!

Programme– you may have noticed that every matchday programme has a CTSA page. You may have also read Ian’s blogs on this very website, or Colin’s articles. Well if you feel you have a literary talent and something to say, we’ll be happy to consider your contributions (if they have a CTFC link, obviously) for both our website or our programme page. Please get in touch by emailing and we’ll be very glad to hear from you.

Help– 50/50 Draw- sellers are still required!   If any of you are prepared to volunteer to sell the 50/50 Draw Tickets at the Saturday home games it would be a tremendous help. We have 5 sellers at the moment but would like another 4 or 5 if possible so that we  can run a rota and give people a day off now and then. Usually there are 4 sellers per match. Please contact our coordinator Keith on 07958 – 489069.

Thanks, as always, for your support!


Ian Townsend

Ian Townsend