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28th January 2012

First prize unique signed print – pale pink ticket 68 ref AC821855

Second prize- hat and scarf- pale blue ticket 75 ref AC821879-coach 6

Third prize-free away travel ticket- pale pink ticket 223 ref AC821855

Fourth prize- one years free CTSA membership- pale blue ticket 188 ref AC821879 – coach 6

Fifth prize- a bottle of red wine- yellow ticket 304 ref AC822063

Sixth prize- a bottle of sparkling wine- bright pink ticket 155 ref AC822888

Seventh prize- a box of luxury chocolates- purple ticket 155 ref AC823141

Please check the reference number as well as the ticket number- reference numbers are unique, ticket numbers may have a duplicate! Unclaimed prizes can be claimed via or from the Alliance cabin at the next home game.

Thanks for all your support.


Ian Townsend

Ian Townsend