1400 miles for £65! Richard Branson, National Express, Esso, your boys took one hell of a beating!

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30th July 2013

wolvesOver the next few weeks our mighty Reds travel to Cheltenham, Tranmere, Wolves and Peterborough. We know you’ll want to be there, and we’re making it so easy for you! Our members can do all of those trips on a luxury Clarkes of London coach for the princely sum of 65 quid if they book our special deals. Yes, that’s right, SIXTY FIVE QUID! Now think how much that would cost by train, by National Express, or even in petrol if you were driving your own car (not even taking into account the wear and tear), and you’ll be asking yourselves, how can the CTSA do that?

PeterboroughWell the answer, dear friends, is that we can do that because we don’t set out to make a profit. We are all volunteers, we have a fantastic relationship with perhaps the premier coach company in the UK, and our chief travel aim is to get as many CTFC supporters to away games as is humanly possible. We know money is tight, and we want to help you to have short arms and deep pockets. We do our sums, and set our prices at around a break even level. Who benefits? You, and our football club.

If you’ve travelled with us before you’ll know that you get exceptional service. If you haven’t, what’s stopping you? Call or text Megabus Matt or Travel Tracey on 07843124845, email on travel@ctfcsa.co.uk or pop to the CTSA Cabin opposite Redz before or after a home match- or, if you like, pop into club reception during normal office hours- and book yourself a bargain!

https://www.ctfcsa.co.uk/travel/ has all the details you’ll need!


Ian Townsend

Ian Townsend