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29th January 2013


Broadfield East "Soccer School"

Broadfield East “Soccer School”

There are many reasons to purchase a 50/50 ticket before a game. The biggest is the chance to win a nice cash prize if your ticket is drawn at half time, and the best of luck with that! However the other reason is that the 50% of the takings that don’t go in prizes go towards things we believe you might like.

Recently, whilst selling the tickets before a match, a potential customer decided not to buy a ticket because, “I’ve no idea where the money is going”. Well we enlightened him, but were quite surprised because we thought it was well publicised. Obviously not as well publicised as we thought! So it’s time to rectify that.


CTFC coaching- we think they Lovett!

CTFC coaching- we think they Lovett!

There are a number of reasons why it’s called the 50/50 draw. Firstly, 50% of what we take goes back to the winners. The other 50% goes to good causes. And that 50% is split 50/50 between CTSA community initiatives and club projects. Oh, and those club projects are agreed with us and are designed to attract young supporters to CTFC and improve the experience for them when they get here. So, we suppose that it should be called the 50/50/50/50/50 draw, but we’d need to make the tickets bigger!

The primary initiative for the CTSA is our Community Coaching project. We pay for CTFC coaches to visit local schools and teach the children the value of football, improving their skills and introducing them to our wonderful football club. We also pay for places on the CTFC school holiday courses, which schools offer to their pupils as incentives for excellence.

At the clubs request, 50/50 funds also paid for the costumes of our “Little Devils” cheerleaders, but in the future we want to fund projects that cover both attraction and enhancement. We need to make CTFC important to the youth of our community, and to make sure they have a good time once they are at the ground. More young supporters having a fantastic experience may well equal a sustainable future for our football club.

DSCF0992So, how can you help? First and foremost, buy a ticket- there will be sellers by all the turnstiles, and in Redz Bar whilst there is still room to manoeuvre! But also, we can never have too many sellers- we’ve increased our selling pool recently, but the more sellers we have, the more tickets we’re able to sell, the more we can invest into the projects mentioned. We sell from around 1.45 PM to 2.45 PM so you won’t miss any of the game, and we’d be extremely grateful. If you’d be willing to help, please contact Vice Chair Matt Putland on 07951335170 or on mattputland@hotmail.co.uk

Thanks for your continued support.



Ian Townsend

Ian Townsend