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18th July 2013

At tonight’s AGM we read a statement from Crawley Town Co-owner Susan Carter relating to the changes which have taken place at the club this week. For the benefit of those who could not attend the meeting, the statement is reproduced below:

I apologise for being unable to attend your meeting; however, I am sure you will all understand, this last week has thrown up some club issues which need my attention.

I can categorically assure everyone there are no problems at CTFC which anyone needs to be concerned- or worried- about. I understand some people do not like change, especially if it comes as a surprise. However if it is change for the right reasons, then we must all give it our full support but also be ready to recognise if it is not working & not be afraid to correct it. I would also like to believe that the majority of people recognise how much both myself & my colleagues have achieved at the club over the last 3 to 5 years and therefore trust in our judgement- and believe that every decision we make is genuinely in the interest of CTFC, first and foremost.

Although some staff changes have recently been made, all initiatives with the fans will continue, as they are club initiatives. We are actively seeking a new CEO & will make a further statement when that process is complete. We are about to embark on a very exciting season, we are all fully committed to the club and it is very very important they we have your support going forward.

Idle gossip & mistruths- which have no foundation whatsoever- spread across social media networks cause damage to your club and are very demotivating to the Manager and the players, staff & officials of the club, plus the board, shareholders & sponsors. Therefore I would ask you all to speak up for your club, get behind us & let’s have a great season.

Thank you for your support.”

The CTSA Board would like to add that they have full confidence in the Board and Shareholders of Crawley Town Football Club at this time. Our club has had unprecedented success over the last few years- success which we have all enjoyed- but we also remember a time when the club was not quite so healthy. Our success- indeed, at one point our survival- has been in no small part due to the hard work and investment of the individuals who are still at the helm; we have much to thank them for. We hold those who have recently left the club in esteem and affection, but no employee is bigger than the club, which we are confident will continue to grow.

The minutes and financial statement from tonight’s meeting will appear here in due course.


Ian Townsend

Ian Townsend