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27th January 2013

Sheffield_United_FC_logo_svgOn Tuesday 5th February we’re off to Yorkshire’s greenest city to watch our mighty Reds play Sheffield United– and if we don’t give away  any daft free kicks we might just do well! Coaches leave the Broadfield Stadium at 2.30 PM and will run non stop to Sheffield. We decided to forgo a rest stop so we could leave a little later than originally planned and give more people the chance to make the trip.

Scunthorpe01ph4Then on Saturday 9th February we’re off to Lincolnshire to see whether Reggie the Red can make a meal out of Scunny Bunny (no, we didn’t make that up!) before seeing if he can drink Scunthorpe Baths for 500 quid  (if it’s good enough for Jasper Carrot…..)! Coaches leave the
Broadfield Stadium for Scunthorpe at 7.30 AM.

Each trip is priced at £20 members, £25 non members.

The only way to guarantee your seat on the coach to these games is to
pay in advance. There are two ways to do this. The best is to visit
Travel Ken in the CTSA Cabin on a home matchday. The next best is to
visit the club during office hours and book there. If you make a last
minute decision that you wish to travel, or you cannot get to the club
due to holidays etc, email or text 07843124845 and
Travel Ken will, of course, do his best to help- but if you book and
then do not turn up we will expect you to pay for the seat you should
have occupied. Lately we’ve had to regularly run a standby list, and
the last thing we want to do is disappoint those who want to travel
when there could have been seats available for them. Early booking
also enables us to arrange extra coaches if necessary.

Here’s why we think we’re the best choice for following the Reds away:

1. We’re- so far as our research shows- the cheapest official coach
provider in the Football League.

2. We use coaches provided by the UK’s premier coach operator and as
such offer unparalleled comfort and reliability, as well as
complimentary refreshments and the opportunity to watch CTFC matchday
DVD’s which are normally only seen in RB’s Office!

3. All of our officials are volunteers- those who steward the coaches
pay the same fare as those travelling on them.

4. As a supporters trust, our finances are open and transparent- you
can both see them and influence the way we use them. We hire each
coach at a cost which we agreed prior to the season starting and price
accordingly. We can’t, for example, run a half empty coach and pay
half price!

Most importantly, however, we serve only you. Accordingly, we make all
of our decisions with you in mind. Pricing, comfort and reliability
are uppermost in our minds. Safety is an issue we take particularly
seriously. If, for example, we were using an operator who turned out
to have an appalling safety record, we’d be looking for another
operator. Luckily, however, we’re with Clarkes of London, so that’s a
decision we should never have to make.

Come on you Reds!


Ian Townsend

Ian Townsend