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26th May 2014

Please find, below, a rather large collection of minutes for you to plough through if you’re suffering from insomnia or have an extremely high tolerance to boredom. Apologies that these weren’t available much earlier- it isn’t that we’ve been keeping them a secret, simply that the only person able to post them onto the website has been far too preoccupied with work related matters to be able to post them.

Hopefully far more frequent minutes posting will happen during the new season, so we can bore the socks off you far more regularly!

Crawley Town Supporters Alliance Board Meeting-Monday 11th November 2013


Matt Putland
Tracey Cole
Gill Courtnell
Joe Comper
Ken Blackmore
Carol Bates
Owen Pickering
Sue Benn – CTFC Supporter Liaison

Ian Townsend
Simon Smith

Finance Action
SS sent a report for the meeting which stated that the accounts are in good shape and that we are very close to breakeven.

50/50 strategy – same people in same places each week:

Terry (Programme seller) – NW stand
Dennis – SW stand
CB – Redz
Craig Bratt – Away End
JB/GC – Exec Suite & Boardroom
TC – by ticket office (but out of Dennis’ sight :-))
Tickets on sale in reception during week? Club shop?
Hi Vis jackets for sellers to increase visibility?

Balls for Schools
Will pay CTFC £4 per ball, max of 25 per school. Focus on primary schools. Maidenbower and St. Margaret’s. JC and CB to go through contacts list. Graham Carter (Observer) interested. Balls to be ordered by Ewan. Make the application form easy for schools to apply.

CTSA members very grateful to Michael, Sue and the club for the free Carlisle match tickets.

CTFC staff to continue to travel FOC if space available.

Sophie on reception to be trained how to take travel bookings properly. Need to create simpler form. MP

Euro 2016 – good idea, but expensive with a 30% non-ref deposit payable before England qualify.

Offer half season CTSA membership to go with half season tickets?

Cabin – make an offer to portakabin to buy it outright – board agreed purchase better than rental. KB to speak to portakabin.

TC members’ night out – Hove Dogs – tentative date 17/1/14
GC – Free travel for Sue Wheeler and Dennis for helping sell 50/50 tickets?
Light by back gate? SB to speak to MD.
OP – Golf Day. Hassocks already agreed. Proceeds to buy equipment for the club with raffle/auction proceeds to CTH.

Date of Next meeting:
9 December 2013 – venue: The Tavern on the Green


Crawley Town Supporters Alliance Board Meeting -9th December 2013
1. Attendees:
Carol Bates
Ken Blackmore
Tracey Cole
Gill Courtnell
Owen Pickering
Matt Putland

2. Matters Arising
Board meeting dates for 2014 to be decided so that the CTFC boardroom can be reserved. Quarterly interim meetings to be held also. Ensure that Sue Benn is able to attend all future board meetings so that she can present a list of actions to MD.
KB still waiting to hear back about a replacement cabin. Portakabin not interested in selling our current one to us. Should a further six month lease be taken out to get us to the summer? Those present in favour of doing so. KB to contact Jason Bates to see if he can offer a solution. The lease extension will give the board extra time to research a replacement.

Action: KB

Forms for the reception staff to sell travel tickets are already simple: can’t really make them any more so.

3. 50/50
Sellers have been requested to visit the boardroom as well as the executive suite prior to home matches. None of the CTSAFC lads assisted at this game so they won’t be receiving their 10%. Get some more of the programme sellers to help? Additional sellers needed for the Wolves game due to the expected size of the crowd, with sellers going in the away end as well. Strategy needed to maximise selling capabilities. MP to speak with Blackjack or similar.

Action: MP

4. Community
Balls for Schools – no update available from JC.

5. Travel
FOC travel still to be offered to CTFC but only on a ‘space available’ basis.
Small losses taken on Crewe and Hednesford, but so far this season we’re in profit by £200. Plan of action for BCFC game? Coach tickets will be priced at £10 for members and £12 for non-members. Flyers to be prepared for distribution immediately after the 2nd round replay.
Raffle prizes for the journey?
Swindon prices – £15 for members, £20 for non-members.

6. Membership
CTSA members’ night out at Hove Dog Track to be put back for a couple of months until March. Action: TC

7. A.O.B.
CB – IT’s resignation? Situation still unclear. Those present all agreed they would prefer IT to remain as a figurehead.
OP – Golf Day: GC to speak with Sue regarding day/date in April (preferably a Thursday). Action: GC
Mike Koethe from Germany – GC to liaise with Sue. Action: GC

Date of next meeting: to be confirmed


Crawley Town Supporters Alliance Board Meeting-14th January 2014

Ian Townsend
Carol Bates
Ken Blackmore
Simon Smith
Gill Courtnell
Owen Pickering
Joe Comper
Matt Putland

1. Minutes of the last meeting: Approved

The Portakabin
KB has spoken with Jason who wasn’t really able to help with any contacts at this time. He suggested looking on EBay as sometimes they were available on there for around £3,000. KB has taken a six month contract extension on the current cabin, giving the board time to decide what to do next. The subject will be revisited in the board meeting held in May or June.

Balls for Schools
JC and CB are still waiting to meet with MJD: the date for this is now 23rd January at one of his surgeries. The contact details of the 25 primary schools in our area will be gathered and a letter will be sent to all. The intention is to deliver all the balls during this season. A mixture of foam and outside balls will be purchased.

Board Member Role Definitions & CTSA Objectives

Sadly IT’s blog concerning club support was met with almost total apathy, indicating a general lack of interest within our members and the rest of the club’s supporters. The CTSA as an organisation has no influence on the club whatsoever! It is necessary to rekindle our links with the SD and FSF for help and advice going forward. MP to attend the next SD meeting in London. Unfortunately the club doesn’t appear to trust the CTSA as there is a distinct lack of openness, and it is currently rather difficult gaining access to the CEO. The CTSA should focus on doing a few things well rather than trying to do too much and failing.
We need to focus on our objectives and re-write if necessary, going back to basics. Invite the CEO to attend the next board meeting so we can restate them to him.

GC will contact SD and FSF about membership initiatives, to try and encourage more fans to join. The offer of free membership from now until the end of the season travel tickets costing £20 was discussed. GC

Vote for New Chair
IT formally proposed CB as the new CTSA Chairman; this was seconded by GC and the rest of those present voted unanimously in favour. KB was proposed and seconded as Vice Chairman; again all those present voted in favour unanimously.

Member Communications
MP will begin sending a weekly email to all existing members with details of upcoming away travel dates and information. He and JC will also look to produce a quarterly newsletter. MP/JC

50/50 Sales
A plan to reward regular volunteer 50/50 sellers was agreed; CB will also ask Craig Bratt if he would be willing to contribute photos, interviews, etc. Links with the local press also need to be improved. Plans to maximise sales at the Wolves’ game were also put in place.

We are taking one coach to both Rotherham and Port Vale. Members will be offered a price of £35 for both. The online booking tool is now available; so far it has not been used. Clarkes gave us a free coach for Coventry instead of for Leyton Orient. Travel takings are down approximately £900 over this time last year. The away goals rule carries over to Rotherham since the Swindon game was postponed.

OP Golf Day – three dates have been given to the club: 9th, 10th or 16th April. At the time of the meeting we are waiting for the club to confirm which date is suitable. Rather than charge the players to play this year, they will donate £20 each to CTH. A donation will also be made from the raffle proceeds. OP has also been approached by a Mauritian band who has offered their services for an event.
SS – new signatories needed for the CTSA bank account. GC and CB will be added.
Adding new board members was discussed; invites will be issued at some point.
CB – CTSA Travel Vouchers? Good idea for younger fans for birthdays, Christmas, etc.
MP – No real uptake on the ‘Junior Reds travel for a Fiver’ offer; decision was made to offer an under 16 fare of £5 off the adult fare.
AS Roma Prize Draw – this cannot be rolled over any further to boost ticket sales. Decision was taken to make the draw at half time during the Wolves match.

Future Meeting Dates
It was decided that board meetings would be held on the last Monday of every month, commencing February. GC to produce list of dates for board members; dates also to be passed to CTFC in order to reserve the boardroom for our use.
Proposed 2014 Dates:
Monday, 24th February
Monday, 24th March
Monday, 28th April
Tuesday, 27th May
Monday, 30th June
Monday, 28th July
Tuesday, 26th August
Monday, 29th September
Monday, 27th October
Monday, 24th November
Monday, 29th December


Crawley Town Supporters Alliance Board Meeting –Monday 24th February 2014


Carol Bates
Joe Comper
Matt Putland
Simon Smith
Owen Pickering
Gill Courtnell


Ken Blackmore
Ian Townsend
Tracey Cole
Steve Leake

Matters Arising

SS told the meeting that new mandates had been requested from the bank. Regarding changing the Licensee name, this is a simple process to follow with the council.

MP has been given the go ahead to design new 50/50 ticket stock adding the sponsor’s name.

A date for this year’s AGM was discussed; a possible date of 7th July was mooted, possibly to coincide with a World Cup match.

Chair’s Report

Two meetings have been held with MD where the CTSA having more involvement with the club was discussed. He would like CTSA board members to have a higher visibility at home games. Unfortunately no more ‘Can I help’ jackets are available. On this year’s season ticket application forms there will be an ‘opt out’ box for CTSA membership, which will be free for 2014/15. Hopefully this will increase numbers significantly. A flyer should go out to existing ST holders with their renewal forms. The CTSA will have access to the wider database. CB will contact Matt at Creative Pod re the design and printing of the flyer. We must find ways of encouraging travellers to pay in advance for away trips.

The board agreed that they are quite happy for the club to place a sign for G&H Coaches within the ground, giving their phone number for away travel bookings. However, it was agreed by all parties at the meeting that the club would not advertise G&H as an alternative travel provider as the CTSA are exclusively the Official Travel Provider. G&H advertise through Crawley Happy Times.” CTSA do not follow this approach as Crawley Happy Times required payment which it was felt, for a Supporters Trust serving the community, was not a good use of funds.


The board agreed that a CTSA Travel Voucher reward be given to those members who regularly help with ticket sales. It was also agreed that tickets would be sold at Tuesday night games in order to try and make up for the lost sales at postponed Saturday games.


MP said he is more than happy to continue to take the lion’s share of travel, JC said he is happy to drive a nine seater minibus to away games if necessary. At the time of the board meeting, between 45 and 50 bookings had been taken for Swindon. Advertising of the Gillingham and Shrewsbury games has begun. MP received positive feedback from Clarkes coach drivers Lee and Colin, who had taken us Walsall.

Balls for Schools

The final cost for the balls and shirts was £2,403 which the board approved. A suggestion was made to ask the team to sign the shirts.


As you’d expect at this time of the season, there is nothing much to report.


Overall, we are running at a very slight loss, but this should be treated as break even. The club had used their share of the 50/50 proceeds to buy medical equipment. We should look at accruals for next season. The claim for the postponed Swindon game has been submitted; awaiting the Brentford claim.

Golf Day

The club has given OP 26 names already; the provisional date for the event is April 9th at Hassocks Golf Club. This year’s fees are £35 for members and £40 for non-members. OP has approached Sussex Carpets to sponsor the event again this year and the golf club will doing the scoring on our behalf. We will need help on the day with raffle ticket sales, etc. CTFC players are donating £20 each to CTH in lieu of an entry fee. GC to contact SB tomorrow regarding the following:
1. Two tee start instead of ‘shotgun’
2. Collecting the players’ money
3. Which players don’t have clubs
4. Of those, who is left-handed/right-handed
5. Total CTFC numbers
6. Prizes i.e. Mascot or party prize


2014 Easter Egg Appeal for CTH

CB suggested asking PP to help again this after the sterling job he’s done previously.


SB will be asked to attend future board meetings in her capacity as Supporter Liaison.

Date of Next meeting: 24th March in the CTSA Boardroom.


Crawley Town Supporters Alliance Board Meeting-Monday 28th April 2014


Carol Bates (CB)
Tracey Cole (TC)
Matt Putland (MP)
Simon Smith (SS)
Owen Pickering (OP)
Joe Comper (JC)
Ken Blackmore (KB)
Sarah Moylan (SM)
Matt Cowdrey (MC)


Steve Leake (SL)
Ian Townsend (IT)

Minutes of Last Meeting and Matters Arising. Actions

MP issued the Minutes from the last meeting before we started. These were read through, agreed and there were no Matters Arising.

Chair’s Report

Before the meeting commenced, CB introduced Mat Cowdrey and Sarah Moylan, who were invited to the meeting after expressing an interest in joining the Board. It was felt that both Mat & Sarah would bring value to the Board and were unanimously co-opted on.

CB opened the meeting by discussing the future of the CTSA board. All members present were asked to indicate whether they intended to continue as Board members. CB, TC, JC, KB all stated that they were happy to continue. SS indicated that he would be willing to continue, subject to the future plans and vision of the Board as a whole. MP expressed his wish to stand down from the board and his role looking after travel. OP stated that he is unsure whether he will continue on the board. OP to inform the Chair in due course. Steve Leake later tendered his resignation from the Board.

CB asked those in attendance. their thoughts on the future plans and vision of the Board. The Board expressed their ongoing concerns with regards the future of Crawley Town Football Club. They feel there has been a lack of transparency from the club and it was agreed questions should be asked and publicised to the membership alongside any answers that are forthcoming. CB to arrange a meeting with Michael Dunford to be attended by CB and MC.

CB to talk to Pat Harper for a general discussion re. next season.

Board Roles

CB stated that we need to clarify the roles on the board for next season and slightly amend some positions from this season. Mark Ogbourne has expressed an interest in re-joining the board. All agreed that Mark has strong networking skills when it comes to the constitution and club supporters organisations. CB recommended that Mark should be voted on to the Board as a Football Supporters Federation and Supporters Direct representative along with matters of Constitution. Mark later arrived at the meeting venue by coincidence and was invited to the meeting towards the end. MO was then unanimously co-opted on to the Board.

The board discussed the potential for sub-committees to be introduced. All agreed it was a good idea, assuming enough volunteers could be found to take part. Discussions to take place between Board members and potential candidates for sub-committees.

CB proposed that the AGM should take place at the end of July. CB and JC to agree.

The positions required to be filled were outlined and suggestions made as to who could fill them. It was felt that the Secretary’s role could be combined with a communications role, especially as Ian had previously indicated that he would probably not have the time to carry on with the comms role next season.

Chair – Carol Bates
Vice Chair/Supporter/Club Liaison – Mat Cowdrey
Secretary/Communications – TBA
Treasurer – Simon Smith
Travel Officer/s – Tracey Cole/ Sarah Moylan
Community Officer – Joe Comper
FSF/Supporters Direct and Constitution Officer – Mark Ogbourne
Membership and Fundraising Officer – Ken Blackmore with help on fundraising from OP if he decides to stay.

SS, KB and IT are up for re-election at the AGM.

CB asked if anyone could temporarily step into the role of Secretary and JC agreed to take on the role between now and the AGM, when someone else would hopefully wish to be nominated and elected.


MP has tendered the travel to over 40 coach companies. He whittled it down to three companies as potential candidates to supply CTSA travel for the 2014/15 season and beyond. Time was given for the few companies yet to offer quotes to respond with a decision to be made at the next meeting. CB advised the board that staff of CTFC had acquired £630 worth of free travel during the 2013/14 season. It was agreed that next season, free travel for CTFC staff would only be available if they are “on duty” for the Club. All CTSA Board members and members pay for their own travel, and always have.

Balls for Schools

A presentation to take place on the pitch prior to the Bristol City game on 3rd May. Staff members and students from all schools involved have been invited. CB and JC to attend and organise. There has been a 4 week delay on the balls, due to bereavement at the supplier. They are expected to arrive at the end of May. CB to speak to Michael Kurns with details of the presentation.


50/50 is going well under tricky circumstances with a number of Tuesday night matches replacing the original Saturday fixtures. £120 has been unclaimed from the Crewe game, therefore is to be put into the CTSA account. MP circulated the new 50/50 tickets. Enough have been purchased to be used from the Carlisle game on 29th April 2014 through to the end of the 2014/15 season. JC and CB


As you’d expect at this time of the season, there is nothing much to report on numbers. KB to enquire with Sophie Harding about the database for next season. KB


SS stated that the CTSA has made a slight loss. The projected loss for the season is around £1000. SS believes travel should be run much tighter financially. He suggested a target of £2000-£3000 profit from the 2014/15 season. CB suggested selling “tuck” on the coaches next season, to raise funds for the CTSA. MP enquired about a refund for the Brentford fixture. SS is following this up. SS believes fundraising should be important to the board to be in a position to start supporting the club, should it be needed.

End of Season Awards

MP informed that over 100 votes have been cast. OP has the trophies. CB to talk to Amie at the club about a PA system. Michael Kurn has been asked and has agreed to present the awards.
Fun day

To take place on Monday 5th May . Kids tournament 9am to 11:45am. OP organising. 5 teams confirmed, hopefully a 6th TBC.
Adult supporters competition 12pm – 5pm. West Ham, Coventry and Gillingham to join the CTSAFC. JC to organise schedule.



Meeting closed at 21:50.

Date of Next meeting: 2nd June. Venue TBC.




Ian Townsend

Ian Townsend