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18th January 2014

We thought we’d update all of our members on a few changes at CTSA Board level confirmed this week. Whilst we’re doing that, we’d like to also take the opportunity to remind you of our aims, and of who does what on the rest of the board.

Ian Townsend, whilst remaining on the board, has stepped down from the position of Chair due to pressure of work. Ian stated, “I’m a manager with London Underground and, as you may have noticed in the media recently, the company is currently going through some rather momentous changes. What this has meant is that over the last few months my availability has been vastly curtailed, and I’m only too conscious that the chair of the CTSA has to be visible, active and available to members. I haven’t even been available to my own family much of the time, and whilst standing down is not a decision I’ve taken lightly, it is the right decision for the organisation. I’ll be continuing to look after the website and will provide as much support to the incoming chair and the rest of the board as time allows- and hopefully I might get to watch some football too! I would add that I’m delighted at the boards choice of replacement for me- the right candidate now has the hot seat!”

That candidate, and the new Chair, is Carol Bates. Carol stated, “To be asked to step in as Chairman, in place of the very overworked Ian, was a privilege for me and I will continue the hard work that Ian has put in.

Football has been a huge part of my life for 40 years after first following my Dad around the South East watching him play for Reigate Priory every Saturday as a young girl to managing a team in the Redhill & District League in the early 90s, to sloping off on my own to watch Crystal Palace when I could, which unfortunately wasn’t very often.

When I moved to Crawley in early 2000 my eldest started playing for Crawley Town Youth in 2004 (which is now known as Crawley United – the Club I’m Secretary for) and I would take him to home games at the Broadfield when I could, which again wasn’t as often as I would have liked. Nathan my youngest would be dragged along from about age 4 but soon got bored so when I had a spare Saturday afternoon, I would get in the car, watch the match by myself and go home again. It was my escape from everyday life!

Now, I find myself with lots of new friends from the last few years, some brilliant memories watching Crawley (as well as from a few memorable coach journeys!) and a new role in the Supporters’ Alliance of this unique Club. The CTSA has a great Board of enthusiastic people who work well together and with various projects going on, it looks to be a very busy 2014.

We will also take this opportunity to re-visit the objectives and aims of the Crawley Town Supporters’ Alliance and hope to increase our membership as we go. The CTSA is for the supporters, run by the supporters, so if you have any comments or suggestions, feel free to contact me at, or by phone on 07837523370.”

Ken Blackmore has stepped into the role of Vice Chair and continues to share membership duties. The other board members are as follows:

Matt Putland- Travel

Gill Courtnell- Secretary and Membership

Simon Smith- Treasurer

Joe Comper- Community

Owen Pickering- Fundraising

Tracey Cole- Travel

Steve Leake- Technical Support

Elsewhere on this website (if you look at the menu bar at the top of the page you’ll soon work out where!) you’ll find our aims and rules. These are very important to us. We’re a bunch of CTFC loving volunteers. The time we put in- every single minute- is for the benefit of you and our football club. Not one of us gets a single benefit- we even pay exactly the same as you do on the coach to away games, even if we’re stewarding it. But you need to tell us what you would like from us. We need to hear your ideas, your concerns and your suggestions so we can act on them.

We need to make sure that we’re doing what you elected us for.

Contact us on,,, or and we’ll be overjoyed to hear from you. Our Aims are reprinted below:

  • To unite our club and our community for the mutual success of all concerned
  • To act as a conduit for effective communication between club and community, and to be ambassadors for both
  • To assist our club and community in any way approved by our membership, including financially, in kind, and in partnerships with community organisations and business to promote our mutual interests
  • To assist the club in promoting support for CTFC and to encourage new support, especially of young people, families and those from under-represented areas of our diverse local population. This to include the management of away travel provision
  • To promote the benefits of sport within our community
  • To encourage the club to play football at the highest level possible, but always operating within a framework of responsible and prudent financial management and with a duty to highlight concern in areas of probity & governance
  • To ensure that the reputation and good name of our club is never compromised or placed in jeopardy –and to guarantee a strong, independent voice for all of our supporters whether during times of success or adversity

We hope to see you at a home or away game soon.







Ian Townsend

Ian Townsend