CTSA Away Travel Announcement – 22nd December, 2016.

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22nd December 2016

CTSA Travel Announcement – December 2016.

Since its formation in 2011 the CTSA has always aimed to operate sustainably with financial responsibility. A significant portion of emotional and financial investment over the past few years has been focussed on the provision of travel to away fixtures and the CTSA has endeavoured to provide a travel option to all games where it has been financially viable.

Crawley Town have consistently punched above their weight with travelling support, with the league average being approximately 10% of the home gate. We have regularly eclipsed this average and continue to do so. Sadly, though with a fall in home gates, while the percentage has stayed largely the same, the true number has decreased.

It is an objective of the CTSA that we try to assist as many fans as possible to get to away games to support our team and it is for this reason that we have offered our own travel option. In the past 12 months though the numbers have diminished and we have found ourselves being unable to offer travel without losing money. This is clearly in conflict with the aims and objectives of the CTSA.

As most people are aware, GH Coaches also offer travel to away games and, on occasion, have suffered the same fate as the CTSA in being unable to fill a coach. It makes little sense that both organisations continue to face the same challenge whist clearly working together would alleviate some of the strain. With this in mind and following open and productive discussions between both parties and the Club itself, it has been agreed that from the 1st January 2017, GH Coaches will be the coach travel provider for the Club. The Leyton Orient trip, on Boxing Day, will be final coach trip organised by the CTSA.

This move will allow GH Coaches to have a better likelihood of filling coaches and ensuring that the away travel proposition remains financially viable, ensuring that travel is provided and fans can continue to travel and support their team. In addition, this move will enable the CTSA to focus more fully on our fundraising efforts, not only for charity but for the Club, too.

The CTSA will still offer a mini bus travel service, where viable, for members who would like to travel to future away games but the coach travel will be transferred to GH Coaches.

We would like to thank everyone who has supported us previously and travelled on the CTSA coaches.

If members have any questions regarding any of the above, please do not hesitate to contact us via email at chair@ctfcsa.co.uk.

CTSA Board – 22.12.16.

Travel Announcement 22.12.16


Reuben Watt

Reuben Watt

Reuben has been a Crawley supporter since 2011 and has been on the CTSA board since 2022. He is currently the chair of the CTSA. When he is not travelling home and away, he is working in Nuclear Security.