Collection of football supporters’ memories on behalf of the Alzheimer’s Society

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25th February 2019

Reds fans! Can you help?

A group of 7 fans from different teams from across the UK have got together to raise awareness of Alzheimer’s/Dementia. The cold hard fact is this disease has now taken over as the biggest killer in the UK.

Although we are on a mission to raise funds for this charity, we also had an idea to get a unique collection of football ‘memory items’ from across the land.

The Alzheimer’s Society symbol is a ‘Forget-me-not’. We are keen to get a collection of items together to put on display for the world to see as a dedication to Alzheimer-affected people, their families and carers. The local Alzheimer’s Society (based at Barclays House, 51 Bishopric, Horsham RH12 1QJ) would appreciate your support.

The items would not be for sale and would be based in the UK for view as a museum piece etc.

Could you therefore send us an item that means something to Reds fans? Something with a story behind it that could go on display. This maybe a scarf, an old photo of Broadfield Stadium, even an old programme from years gone by.

We have already received contributions from several supporters clubs and trusts across the land. This might take some time but the idea is to receive memory items from all 92 league clubs’ supporters. I have written to 30 clubs so far and received 12 football-related memory items for this unique collection, with the others considering. Only another 62 teams to write to!

If you would like to help with a contribution please use the contact details below. We will keep you up to date every step of the way. Just receiving one old programme would make a massive difference.

If you are able to help at all, please contact Terry Marsh 07850 066532;, 20 Regent Square Belvedere, Kent DA17 6EP.


Chris Laker

Chris Laker