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26th July 2019

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Please see details from the CTSA’s AGM held in the Mayo Wynne Baxter Executive Suite at the People’s Pension Stadium on July 25, 2019.

Board Present: Sam Jordan, David Leake, Andy Tester, Steve Leake.

Total Attendance: 23

Apologies: Simon Smith (Treasurer), Chris Laker, Carol Bates, Nick Hilton, Barbara Robinson, Mick O’Donnell, Gavin Green.


  • Welcome
  • Apologies
  • Confirmation of last year’s minutes and any matters arising.
  • Introduction and address by the Chair.
  • Fan Representative on the CTFC board – Statement.
  • Report of Treasurer and acceptance of the accounts for the financial year 2018/19.
  • Any other business.

Questions from the floor in bold.

Where does the merging come from?

SJ: We would like to have the travel under a united supporter’s group umbrella.

More recently the club have suggested a bringing together of supporters’ groups to build a united supporters’ group. As suggested by Paul Hayward and further developed by Kelly Derham at the club.

SL: The proposal originally from Paul Hayward was that he invests a portion of money, the CTSA invest a portion of money and GH coaches have a stake as travel providers for supporters. It was also envisaged that individual supporters, in return for a monthly contribution, would be entitled – along with the major stakeholders – to decide where and when the accumulated funds would be spent to the benefit of the club.

Joe Comper (CTFC) took the floor to confirm the above. He stressed that the club fully appreciated the contributions made by the CTSA at the board meetings; and that Kelly Derham would like this to continue: as she fully supports further involvement from the CTSA. Joe and Kelly also expressed their disappointment that SJ was planning to step down and would very much like him to stay in role. This is due to the positive relationship built with the club over the past two years.

Would the CTSA lose their independence?

Is it also asking everyone to pay £60 a year?

No. This wouldn’t be compulsory, however the payment would entitle the contributor to have a say in how the funds are spent.

SJ: We feel it is important to have an independent supporters’ group to represent the fans of individual supporters regardless of financial contributions.

Why would the supporters group lose their independence? 

They wouldn’t necessarily but there would be a group consisting of the club, Paul Hayward and investors as well as supporters.

The CTSA are willing to take the group forward but are yet to hear any more from other groups.  

Does money talk? Is Paul using his money as a leverage to have no independent supporters’ group?

SJ: We can’t speak for Paul.

SJ: It’s worth stating that Kelly Derham said she doesn’t feel we should have to pay any money for the fans to speak to the board, so the £8,000 we currently pay would not be required. There were also discussions about which fans get to ask the questions. We feel that all fans should have the opportunity to attend meetings, perhaps on a rotation.

Would we get to vote about this (united supporters’ group) proposal?

SL: Yes, there would have to be an EGM to discuss this matter, as per our current constitution.

How long would this process take?

SJ: We don’t know. It’s dependent on other stakeholders. At the moment, it is a proposal made by Paul Hayward originally and then developed further by the club. We have agreed it sounds promising and would very much like to take part in further discussions. As yet, we have not received any confirmation that other groups (apart from the club) want to take this forward.

Thank you from Tracey Thornton for the hard work of the board.

Will the CTSA run travel again?

SJ: No, we don’t need another travel club. GH do a great job. It would be nice to have them as part of a united fans group.

Do Chestnut Tree House want or need so many Easter Eggs? Could they go to other groups within Crawley?

SJ: We are aware that there are other groups within the locality that would also benefit greatly from this. We can certainly look into this for the future.

What do the CTSA do, how many people know about the CTSA?

Is it just Eggs and football tournaments?

From the floor: No, they don’t. They have a seat on the board (which has been the CTSA’s greatest achievement to date) and they are the voice for independent supporters.

Can we have a united supporters’ group? What’s getting in the way?

SJ: We are willing to have a united supporters’ group. The CTSA see no reason why this can’t happen in the future. We would very much like to do this. As yet, other groups have not shown a willingness to discuss this further.

Is there an update on the away team coach’s engine running outside the ground?

This is an environmental issue.

SJ: This will be put to the club again but KD sees no reason why this cannot happen.

Reports from the AGM can be downloaded and read below…

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Chris Laker

Chris Laker