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15th September 2019

Please see below minutes from CTSA meeting held September 10, 2019.

Attendees: Sam Jordan, Steve Leake, David Leake, Louie Elmer, Lee Crossan

Apologies: Chris Laker, Andy Tester

Welcome to potential new board members: Louie and Lee.

Recap on the AGM.

Sharing the purpose of the CTSA as a supporters’ trust and its origins.

Reds Rollover partnership with the club discussed. Tom Allman has kindly created a user friendly form that was reviewed and to be sent back for completion. Steve designed an advert for the Reds Rollover to be read out on ‘A Bit of Bully’ in line with the new sponsorship arrangement. The board are keen to raise the profile of Reds Rollover amongst the fan base as much as possible to raise valuable revenue for the club.

Photos of board members to be placed on our website in order make access to board members easier. All board members are happy to be approached, in or around the Redz bar, regarding questions or requests to do with the CTSA or Fans’ Rep role. The board discussed its disappointment at the low level of questions submitted ahead of last week’s meeting with the club and feel supporters have a great opportunity to ask some good questions to the board that supporters of other clubs don’t get to do.

Memorandum of understanding between the club and CTSA sent to the club’s board yesterday for review.

Scoreboard update from the board meeting with the club: The club need to source the erection of the scoreboard as well as the scoreboard itself. Paul Hayward is funding the scoreboard with the club funding the structure to support it.

The club are looking for supporters with ideas on how to generate the club more income to come forward and share their ideas. Please contact the club with any ideas you have.

Next meeting: Tuesday 15.10.19 – if any supporters would like to attend please email Sam Jordan at chair@ctfcsa.co.uk


Chris Laker

Chris Laker