CTSA Minutes – 26.11.19

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10th December 2019

Please find below, the minutes from CTSA meeting held on November 26 2019.

Attendees: Sam Jordan, Steve Leake, David Leake, Louie Elmer, Chris Laker

Apologies: Lee Crossan

  • Reds Rollover. We are up to 30 members on the last count.
  • Sam to email Tom Allman with a view to create a new poster.
  • The next draw to take place at the Fleetwood FA Cup game on December 1st.
  • Membership database to be updated by Louie.
  • Andy to liaise with Joe Comper regarding the football festival for 2020.
  • Easter egg appeal: Due to the ever increasing contributions each year, the eggs will be divided between 5 or 6 charities in 2020.
  • Sam has agreed to continue in the role as chairperson until other candidates come forward.

Next meeting: Tuesday 7th January 2020.


Chris Laker

Chris Laker