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5th March 2019

Please see the minutes from the CTSA’s meeting held on March 5, 2019.

Attendees: Steve Leake; Chris Laker; Simon Smith; Andy Tester; Sam Jordan; David Leake

Apologies: Matt Cowdrey


Erdem Konyar: 

The CTSA are yet to receive a reply to their email to Erdem Konyar regarding his FA directors’ test. The CTSA were informed by Mr Konyar that he would take the test on 3.12.18. As it stands, the CTSA are still yet to receive official confirmation that the test HAS been submitted.

Sam Jordan (Chair) to contact ‘Supporters Direct’ to request contact information for someone at the EFL: to seek clarification regarding the DT and confirm whether they have received anything from Erdem Konyar.

Questions for Kelly Derham:

What are the incentives for fans to buy season tickets?

What are the arrangements for the end of season awards?

Has Erdem Konyar passed his test?

Easter Egg Appeal:

Chris Laker to create a press release and send it to the football club. 

Football Festival:

17.5.19 @ 7pm 

Andy Tester to consult with Rhona regarding refreshments.

Sam Jordan to source the referees.

Raffle letters to be sent out.

Trophy to be engraved.

Beneficiaries: 50% The Stroke Association & 50% The CTSA


2nd/3rd week in July – Andy Tester to consult with Rhona.

Reds Rollover:

15 members to date.

What can we do to make it more accessible to fans? An App? A link online?

Next meetings: 

Monday 1st April

Monday 29th April


Chris Laker

Chris Laker