Fan Rep notes from meeting held with CTFC (13/3/19)

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14th March 2019

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Please see details below from Fan Representative Steve Leake’s latest meeting with Kelly Derham, held at 10am on March 13, 2019.

What is the status of Erdem Konyar’s Owners’ and Directors’ test?

UPDATE – MARCH 14: An email from the EFL today states that they have no objection to Erdem Konyar being appointed to the CTFC board of directors.

At the meeting, it was shown to me that it was still being processed by the relevant authority and it was also pointed out that this test has to be taken annually. Forms submitted for Kelly Derham and Selim Gaygusuz were submitted back at the beginning of the season and weren’t ratified until just before Christmas.

When will next season’s ticket prices be announced?

The club is currently looking at this and there will be an announcement shortly. Watch this space for details.

Are there likely to be any more PWYC (Pay What You Can) games this season?

There will not be any more this season as we had two games for £10 just after Christmas.

Several questions were asked about catering…

The club is constantly reviewing the catering at the ground and there are several options under investigation. However, it should be said that, to date, there have only been two complaints about the catering received by the club.

Can the club provide multi-game tickets?

The club already provide the facility to purchase 10 and five-game tickets, although obviously time has, or is, running out for this season.

Have the club received everything owed to them from Notts County with regards to Harry Kewell?

Notts County are up to date with their payments and the final payment is due in April 2019.

Would it be possible to have players attend the next fans’ forum?

The club will look to facilitate this at the beginning of next season.

There was then discussion about the club kit when it was stated that Brexit should not affect the price of next season’s kit…

The club is currently looking into next season’s shirts for schools. Watch this space. The badge on this season’s shirt is going to be replaced by a harder wearing version.

In answer to the question about the hand dryer in the gent’s toilet under the West Stand, it is now on the repair list and should be sorted soon. However, items like this can be addressed to the club direct so that they can be dealt with more quickly.


Chris Laker

Chris Laker