Notes from board meeting held with CTFC on 14/11/19

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14th November 2019
Crawley Town

Please find below details from the club’s meeting with the CTSA on November 14 2019.

Attendees: Erdem Konyar, Selim Gaygusuz, Kelly Derham, Sam Jordan, Steve Leake

Listed in bold are the questions we received from fans and the club’s answers follow.

Q: Are the club getting fined for the flare-throwing – if so how bad?

A: The club don’t know yet.

Why were there Colchester fans in the yellow box at the home end for the cup game?

Anyone can hire it out. The majority of the time it is away fans who hire it out.

When will the new scoreboard be installed?

By the end of February.

Can we please try and arrange an away bar of some sort or at least to be able to sell alcohol, I think we’re missing a trick revenue wise.

To have this we would need more police and stewards which would come at a cost greater than the revenue it would generate.

East Stand, the covering at the back has all come off, flapping around and just looks a general mess! No harm in a few cable ties on each etc – would make it look a lot better and the other thing is the dugout, the away team are sitting on chairs that are in place of the smashed red seating. It’s been like that for over a year now and it’s getting worse, more breaks etc. I know it’s the away team but it’s not the point. We are a professional club.

The East Stand is inspected before each match and is ok. Chairs for the away dugout have been ordered.

Does Paul Hayward have any current financial interest in the football club?

Paul cares about the club a lot and is kindly supporting the club financially but has no interest in purchasing the club or acquiring a stake.

Can the club expand on Erdem’s recent tweet about breaking even/50 points? Does Mr Eren still have the appetite to fund the club?

This (50 points) is the bare minimum expectation. We want to achieve this then build on it. Mr Eren’s aim is to deliver the football philosophy, break even yearly and to challenge for the play offs. We will only achieve this through transfers and cup runs.

Do the board feel the “Championship in 8 years” plan is progressing as they expected?

The aim of being self-sustainable is more important than achieving promotion to League 1.

Can any of the loan players be recalled and why have they been allowed to play in cup games?

None of them are able to play for us until January. The signing clubs wanted them to play in the cups and this was written into the contracts.


Chris Laker

Chris Laker