Points discussed at board meeting with CTFC on 29/1/19

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1st February 2019
Crawley Town

Please find below bullet points from the club’s board meeting on Tuesday 29th January.

In attendance were Erdem Konyar, Kelly Derham, Selim Gaygusuz, Nuhkan Ruzgar, Sam Jordan and Steve Leake.

  • Ziya will be attending a game in February and it has been agreed he will meet members of the CTSA board at this time.
  • Ziya continues to put in around £1million of his own money a season. The club spends every penny possible on the wage budget and this sits in the top half of League 2 clubs.
  • Erdem’s directors test was sent to the EFL in December. The club is still waiting for this to be returned with an outcome.
  • Nuhkan and Emre Eren aren’t registered at Companies House. This is still with the clubs’ solicitors.
  • Romain Vincelot wanted to leave. By him leaving it has freed up space in the budget for others players to be brought in.
  • Contracts for next season will start to be discussed with current squad members once the transfer window has closed.
  • Pre-season friendly planning is well underway. Cioffi will be deciding which kind of opposition he would like to face.
  • Season ticket planning for next season will be begin in February. The club is seeking ideas from supporters on what benefits could be offered to season ticket holders next season. Don’t forget to take advantage of the 2 free tickets you are entitled to as a season ticket holder before the end of the season.
  • The club is actively seeking ways to generate higher attendances and attracting new supporters. Please contact the club if you have any ideas.
  • The food outlets are being reviewed and supporters will be consulted on what type of new foods they would like to see being sold in and around the ground.
  • The football management team have an input into all player signings. Cioffi has somebody that scouts the opposition for the club.
  • There are ongoing plans to identify a permanent location for a suitable training ground.


Chris Laker

Chris Laker