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17th January 2020

Thank you for the questions we received for our meeting with the club, held on Thursday 16 January 2020. Please find below the answers to those questions.

Attendees: Sam Jordan, Steve Leake, Erdem Konyar, Nuhkan Ruzgar and Selim Gaygusuz

Q: Have the season ticket prices been decided for next season?

A: No, but there won’t be an increase.

Will John Yems’ contract be extended beyond the rest of the season?

Both parties are discussing this and would like to reach an agreement before the end of the season.

What steps have been put in place to ensure all members of staff are paid on time in January?

The payroll situation has been resolved and there will be no issues going forward.

Will you be holding a fans forum before the end of the season?

Yes, in February or March.

Has Nuhkan passed the EFL Directors’ Test?

Yes, 2 years ago.

When will Nuhkan be registered as a Director at Companies House?

This should be updated on the website within a couple of weeks.

Why has there been no official report on the fine from the Colchester game?

Club officials were invited to the EFL offices to discuss a number of matters. Once the EFL have concluded looking into this matter the club will make a statement.

Paul Hayward originally pledged to help with training ground but then stated would withdraw following Kelly dismissal. What is next on training ground – i.e still working with council on that?

There hasn’t been much movement on this from the council. If Paul is still willing to support the club on this then they would still be interested in pursuing this.

Why did both Selim and Erdem categorically state Jimmy would be back in January when clearly not happening? False promises make fans not have any trust at all.

Things change very quickly in football. The chairman and head coach decided it would be best for Jimmy to stay at Yeovil until the end of the season.

What is going to be done to promote club around town? Can drive through town and no signs to even show club exists. Ideas of pop-up shop in mall have previously been stated as an idea but I’ve never seen it. Don’t see posters or flyers.

The club have started to work more closely with the community foundation to support this and both parties have ideas on how to increase awareness of the club around the town.

What’s going to be done differently by Selim to what Kelly was doing?

Selim has a lot of respect for what Kelly achieved at the club. He is looking to use his football knowledge to try and move things forward off the pitch, as well as on it.

Is Bruce going to be replaced?

Tom has taken on this role. Interns will be taken on to support.

When will the new scoreboard be installed?

There are a few stumbling blocks that the club are looking to overcome.

Will Brighton ladies be playing at the club next season?

Negotiations are ongoing.

Is ‘A bit of Bully’ continuing?


How many supporters are banned at present?

Only those that are subject to football banning orders issued by the football authorities. No supporters are currently banned directly by the club.


Chris Laker

Chris Laker