CTSA AGM minutes – 11/5/2021

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18th May 2021

Please see details from the CTSA’s AGM held virtually, via Zoom, on May 11, 2021.

Sam Jordan (Chair):

  • It’s understandably been a quiet year for the CTSA.
  • We didn’t have a ‘Football Festival’ last year because of COVID.
  • The Club did give us the opportunity to run a football fest this week (before the pitch was ripped up) but we didn’t think this was wise with restrictions still in place.
  • On a positive note we have delivered 240 Easter eggs to charities this year: The Crawley Foyer and YMCA group.
  • We contributed £100 to the appeal for Crawley flags behind the goal.
  • We also donated £225 to fund meals for the NHS – May/June last year. In association with Strong Flavours.
  • We will soon be asking fans for suggestions on what the Reds Rollover will fund this season.
  • We are hoping for a meeting with the club soon. We haven’t pushed for meetings with the club this season because of the pandemic. We’ve been mindful to just let the club ‘get on with things’ during a difficult season.

Simon Smith (Treasurer):

  • It’s been a strange year, but I think the owners have been great. To finish 12th and reach the 4th round of the FA Cup is a great outcome.
  • We’ll be keeping an eye out for the club publishing its own accounts. I’m sure the £1 million the owner has been putting in each year will have risen.
  • COVID legislation has allowed us to delay publishing our accounts. But these will soon be published on our website and at Companies House. As always, there will be an independent review of all our accounts. The CTSA is a limited company regulated by the FSA. Fundraising events largely mothballed for the last year and the CTSA accounts reflect that. With costs, we ended up with a £850 surplus.
  • I also look after the constitutional side of the CTSA. We live by model rules set by the Supporters’ Association. The aftermath of the ESL project has brought supporter ownership of clubs back to the fore, it may also lead to more fan interest in smaller clubs – COVID has also had an impact on this. We may see more fans wanting to support their local clubs.
  • Finances of CTSA are still in good shape. Approximately £22,000 in accounts. We continue to have hopes for buying shares in the club. We do need to keep raising money especially for community projects as last year.

Steve Leake (Fans’ Rep): 

  • Update on Reds Rollover given.



Average no. of members per month             34

Money in                                                        £2055

Money out

First prizes                                                     £616.50           (Average prize £51.38)

Second prizes                                                 £308.25                         (Avg £25.79)

Rollover                                                         £203.50

Club contribution                                            £924.75

2020/2021 Predicted with three months left

Average no. of members per month           43   (Marking a 27% increase in members)

Money in                                                       £2580

Money out

First prizes                                                      £774              (Average prize £64.50)

Second prizes                                                 £387                             (Avg £32.25)

Rollover                                                           £258

Club contribution                                             £1161

2021/2022 Predicted

Average no. of members per month       55     (Assuming a 27% increase in members)

Money in                                                      £3300

Money out

First prizes                                                      £990                (Average prize £82.50)

Second prizes                                                 £445                               (Avg £41.25)

Rollover                                                          £330

Club contribution                                             £148


At the beginning of the meeting sales had reached 274 but this went up to 275 by the end, raising in excess of £270 each for SANDS and the Crawley Town Community Foundation.

Since the meeting, sales have increased to 288 with a proportionate increase in funds for the charities.


Steve Leake updated the meeting of the follow-up book, currently being written. He highlighted the plan to crowdfund to cover the publishing and initial printing costs. Details as below.

Crowdfunding for Noli Semper Cedere

Membership of 100 people minimum to cover the publishing and printing costs for 100 books minimum.

Publishing       £305

Printing           £600

Total               £905

Tier 4 Southern League Membership   50 members min     £10 each         £500 income

Entitles member to book upon publication and a personalised print of CTFC based artwork

Tier 3 National South Membership     30 members             £15.00 each    £450 income

Entitles Member to Tier 4 benefits plus signed team photograph

Tier 2 National League Membership    15 members            £20.00 each    £300 income

Entitles Member to Tier 3 benefits plus a free terrace ticket to a game                      

Tier 1 League 2 Membership              5 members             £25 each         £125 income

Entitles Member to Tier 2 benefits plus a brick in the REDS wall.

Minimum £1375 total income required to cover approx. £1000 publishing and printing costs, approx. £100 crowdfunding fees, with balance being divided between Parkinson’s UK and CTFCCF.

Many thanks to Erdem Konyar and the Football Club for donating the additional benefits for Tiers 3, 2 and 1


Why have we so few members for Reds Rollover?

SAM: Biggest blocker has been it being paper-based. We have looked at potential apps.  We can certainly do more to get people signed up. Standing orders can be set up online but we accept that not all people are happy to internet bank.

An idea could be to hand out ‘ready-made’ envelopes with forms at future home games. Maybe forms could go out with season tickets?

CTSA Board Roles for next year

No one has stepped forward to take on the role of Chair, so Sam will continue to do it until someone wants to take over. Sam would like to commit more time to the role but other commitments make this difficult. Having a Supporters’ Trust is really important – particularly with what’s happened with the proposed European Super League etc.

If anyone knows of anyone who would be willing to help out with the CTSA then please put them in touch.

Any money involved with the fan rep?

No, we are not paying for this anymore. The club have continued to have an open door policy with the CTSA.

Is it worth pushing a fans forum when you next meet with the club?

Yes, certainly is in our plans to suggest this.


Chris Laker

Chris Laker