Reds Rollover 2021/22: August 2021 and annual draw winners

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12th August 2021

The draw for August’s Reds Rollover took place alongside the draw for the annual rollover.

Our rollover winner for this year, winning £257.50 was Darren Brown.

In the monthly draw, congratulations go to Martin King, who won the main cash prize. Rob Lowndes claimed the 2nd cash prize, with Steve Leake winning two executive area tickets and Jack Standen winning a signed copy of Noli Cedere.

Remember, you can still sign up for the September 2021 draw. Don’t forget to get your payment in by the 20th of the month and you too could be a winner!

The more people who enter, the larger the prize money and the greater the support we can give to Crawley Town FC.

More details can be found here

Sign up using this Reds Rollover form


Chris Laker

Chris Laker