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17th June 2022
Crawley Town v Stevenage, Broadfield Stadium, Crawley, United Kingdom - 11 Aug 2018

On the 7th June, Crawley Town FC announced their season ticket prices for the new season. It was great to see that the club are putting the fans first by reducing the price for season tickets by as much as 34%. At the moment we are constantly seeing the cost of living going up and up and so it was a very welcome surprise to see the price of tickets coming down. We are one of the only clubs in the football league to have been able to do that. On behalf of the Crawley Town Supporters Alliance, we welcome these prices with open arms and would like to thank Preston Johnson, Eben Smith, and the rest of the backroom team for all of their hard work to be able to accomplish this.

It has been really encouraging to see the number of supporters taking up this incredible offer and if you would like to take up the opportunity to purchase your season ticket, whether it be your first or 50th, you can do so here:

We would also like to take this opportunity to welcome Kevin Betsy and Dan Micciche to the club as the new manager and assistant manager. We look forward to meeting you and seeing what you can achieve with this special club.


Reuben Watt

Reuben Watt

Reuben has been a Crawley supporter since 2011 and has been on the CTSA board since 2022. He is currently the chair of the CTSA. When he is not travelling home and away, he is working in Nuclear Security.