Meeting with WAGMI United – 21st July

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21st July 2023

On the 20th July 2023, Reuben Watt, Sam Jordan and Nick Claridge virtually held a meeting with Preston Johnson and Eben Smith. The following statement would like to be issued:


The CTSA met with the Co-Chairmen yesterday by video.

The discussion was primarily focused on the current transfer strategy.

Eben and Preston expressed their satisfaction with how the transfer window has progressed so far and are positive about what the rest of the transfer window holds.

The Co-Chairmen highlighted the recruitment strategy of uncovering young players from the lower leagues with high potential. They commented that the strategy has yielded some promising early results and credited Scott Lindsey for his role in identifying and developing such talent.

We were informed that the search for a new CEO is ongoing. At our previous meeting, the CTSA had suggested a candidate whom the club has spent the past few weeks in conversations with. Unfortunately, negotiations were unsuccessful. The CTSA suggested another candidate on this call and the club is beginning the vetting process immediately.

The CTSA are also working hard behind the scenes to ensure that the club’s future is safeguarded.



Reuben Watt

Reuben Watt

Reuben has been a Crawley supporter since 2011 and has been on the CTSA board since 2022. He is currently the chair of the CTSA. When he is not travelling home and away, he is working in Nuclear Security.