Simply Redz Ep.2 – The battle of the Red Devils

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29th February 2024

Reuben and Sam look back at our FA cup game against Manchester United, we review some of our most recent matches and look forward to 4 big league games. They are also joined by a special guest whose voice is recognised by many.

The CTSA also want to hear from you, the viewers, and so do get in touch via social media or through their website (⁠⁠) with your thoughts and comments. They are hosting their AGM on the 11th March 2024 at 19:30 on Zoom. Visit here for more information.

You can listen to the second episode here:—The-battle-of-the-Red-Devils-e2gfk1p


Reuben Watt

Reuben Watt

Reuben has been a Crawley supporter since 2011 and has been on the CTSA board since 2022. He is currently the chair of the CTSA. When he is not travelling home and away, he is working in Nuclear Security.