What is the Crawley Town Supporters Alliance –and how was it formed?

The Crawley Town Supporters Alliance is exactly what the name might suggest- an alliance between the Crawley Town Supporters Club and the Devils Trust, which has led to the formation of an entirely new Trust to represent the interests of the supporters of Crawley Town FC and to promote both the club and the community. Early in the 2010/11 season, through the auspices of the Community Engagement Team, parties from both organisations began to work together and soon realised that not only did they have the same objectives and concerns but that by combining their endeavours they could be far more effective. The formation of the Alliance was approved by the memberships of both organisations, and has taken shape following many meetings and discussions and much effort by all parties.
It was the wish of our late beloved co-owner, Bruce Winfield, that all supporters of Crawley Town came together under one banner. We hope that we will be worthy of his legacy.

Why did we need a new organisation?

The Community Engagement Team proved quite quickly that old wounds could be healed and that, once healed, those of us who were determined to advance the cause of our football club and our community could do so far more successfully- and enjoyably- together. The 2010/11 season was the most successful in the history of our football club. Both the Supporters Club and the Devils Trust were fully engaged in this success- but could have achieved far more had we been pooling our resources throughout the year. The new organisation is a Supporters Trust, and as such has the legal and funding benefits that go with this, but now has the wide range of skills, knowledge and commitment to go on and achieve much more than either organisation has previously managed. We are now the only official supporters’ organisation of Crawley Town FC.

How can I join?

Membership is free for Crawley Town season ticket holders and Reds Rollover members.

To join Reds Rollover, please see this article. For further details please email Chair@ctfcsa.co.uk

What are the benefits of membership?

Direct membership benefits include priority booking (after Season Ticket Holders) for high demand “all ticket” games and 10% off all purchases in the club shop.
However it is our intention to use profits from Alliance activities to directly fund activities which will benefit both the club and the community, so your membership will also benefit the wider Crawley society.

How will I keep up to date with developments in the Alliance?

Our website at www.ctfcsa.co.uk will be regularly updated with the latest information, and our Communications Officer will also keep you up to date with regular emails or newsletters. We will also be passing information to the football club for inclusion in matchday programmes and their regular supporters communications. Oh, and you can happily collar an Alliance representative at the club on matchdays, send us an email or message us on Facebook or Twitter

I have a suggestion or a concern. Who do I contact? When will I get a response?

We welcome your input, whether it relates to the activities of the Alliance or the football club itself. We will be meeting with the Chief Executive of the football club every month, and will take forward any suggestions or concerns you may have. Please contact comms@ctfcsa.co.uk; the Chair, Sam Jordan on chair@ctfcsa.co.uk, or our secretary, on secretary@ctfcsa.co.uk. Or, if you prefer a less electronic form of communication, come and talk to us at a home or away game, or write to us c/o the club.