Volunteers are always required to assist with the activities of the CTSA and the football Club, often in collaborative exercises. CTSA specifically need people to assist with our match-day activities, not least simply to share the load.

The Board and Officers are of the Crawley Town Supporters Alliance all act in voluntary capacity and we welcome anyone who wants to join in. If you can spare a bit of time – even if it is only a few hours – we would love to hear from you.

There are also ad-hoc community events that volunteers are needed for, in recent seasons this has included actions to allow games to take place in spite of the impact of flood & snow damage during periods of exceptional weather.

During the close season 2016-17 the fans & club united on two separate days labelled “operation cleanup” at the Stadium. They were a great success and reflected the effort and pride experienced by many fans (see picture).


If you wish to volunteer with CTSA please contact us via our Contact Page.

The CTSA wish to thank all who volunteer, we genuinely appreciate your efforts and could not operate without you.