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19th December 2018

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Since being elected as Fan Representative last year I have met with Kelly Derham and Joe Comper on a frequent basis, once or twice a month.

I have also attended two board meetings, one with Kelly and Selim, and the second, at which our Chair was also present, with Kelly, Selim and Nuhkan.

In July, the Club were made aware that the CTSA were not happy at the number of board meetings we had been invited to, and at the recent second board meeting it was agreed to extend the length of tenure of the Fan Representative to include this season and season 2019/2020. This will mean that the Fan Representative role will come up for re-election at our next AGM, which is scheduled for July 2019 enabling the tenure to coincide with the next football season.

It has also been agreed to formalise a timetable for future board meetings. These will now take place in January, April, July and October, with meetings between the Fan Rep and the club CEO taking place on the second Thursday of the other eight months in the year. This does not mean if a matter arises that requires immediate action, the Club would not be amenable to scheduling extra meetings.

Since taking up the position as Fan Representative I have responded to at least 30 email requests from supporters which have resulted in discussions with the club resulting with most of them being feedback in an expeditious manner.

Unfortunately it is not always possible to feed back all the responses to the fan base as a whole for confidentiality and business reasons but I have always tried to communicate with the person raising the query to explain the club’s position on the matter.

Some of the topics raised with the Club have included, catering, the PA system, the scoreboard, the financial status of the club, training ground status, stadium improvements and sponsorship, streaming of live matches, and of course, the aims of the Club as regards to the all-important playing staff. Our opinion has also been sought by the Club on several issues – including the successful Shirts for Schools initiative.

In addition, I have also managed to facilitate the reinstatement of a lifelong supporter who was banned sine die by a previous regime for simply being employed by an ex-manager of great physical and footballing stature.

In addition to acting as an intermediary between the Club and the entire fanbase, along with the rest of the CTSA I have sought to introduce the Reds Rollover in order to raise much needed revenue to support the Fan Representative initiative.

I would like to thank everyone who has signed up so far but at the moment the lack of members is keeping the prize level and the amount we can raise to support the Club at a very low level.

Please consider signing up for Reds Rollover as if we can get 200 members it would enable us to have monthly prizes of £300 and £150 whilst also enabling us to raise £5,400 for the financing of the Fan Representative and other schemes to support the Club and the fanbase.

I look forward to representing the Crawley Town fanbase until the end of this season and beyond if the membership so desire.

Steve Leake, Fan Rep




Fan Representative report 2017-2018


Chris Laker

Chris Laker